Easy fix for dante

Cap his red skill with a. Level limit like you all used to do back in the day and make his invincible buff removeable and he will easily go down regardless of how strong he is.

It continues to flabbergast me that you all have shifted away from level capping skills like you used to that made red skills actually valuable to level


No. Also he gets nerf next week anyway.


Making his invincibility removable will put a cross on him. That’s a gimmick that should remain.
He definitely needs stat nerfs, but those are already coming.
The only nerf outside of that I think might help is increasing Dante’s skills cooldown. He is constantly running away, and when he doesn’t, he is Berserk. And then runs away again.


He’s berserk cause his red skill is un level capped had it been capped he wouldn’t be such an issue but he can right now go berserk very often

Then whales would have good Dante and others not that much, making bigger gap between two. New/f2p players can’t even get Dante as it is impossible thanks to amazing rotations.

No. Keep at it is. Nerf is coming anyway.

So many way to kill him… try all your toons ! You will see !! (Before refresh :sweat_smile:)

I have, and the only one who ever stands a chance against him is Tron. No guarantees even then. I mean, he usually wins, but when he does, it tends to take a long time - on account of the dog constantly going across the screen again and again and again.

Update: I think Kaa might be an effective counter as well. I just fought a war battle against a Dante team - using Eda, Sisu, Calhoun, Kaa, and Tron. Tron wiped out most of the enemy, but in the end, Eda and Kaa were the only ones left standing. I don’t know, maybe Kaa has good evasion or something, but I’ve been seeing him do quite well lately.

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