Eda, Luz and King idea from The Owl House

The Owl House (part 2) Concept Idea

Edalyn Clawthorne

Team: Blue
Role: Control
Position: Back
Phrase: “King and I don’t have much in this world. We only have each other. So if that dumb crown is important to him, it’s important to me. And besides, us weirdos have to stick together, you know?”
Entrance: Go down on her baton with Owlbert
Win: She shakes hand bells

Lose: Catch her head with her hands
White Skill (Owl No!): Passive: As Basic Damage Eda throws treasures or trash from humans. (Fantastic Damage)
Active: Eda transforms into an Owl Monster, invading the enemy area, dealing X damage and will hex nearby enemies for 10 seconds. (Normal Damage)

Green Skill (My Dear Owlbert): Owlbert is free from Eda´s magic stick. He steals 3 active buffs from enemies and Eda gain it. Him will not steal the buff if another enemy has the same buff anymore and if this happens, the enemy is stunned for 7 seconds instead of stealing buff. Gaining a buff or the stun can fail on enemies above Level X.

Blue Skill (Pain Be Split): Eda takes 50% less damage from enemies or any source. Enemies lose this same amount Damage as true damage, and the effect works until Eda leaves the Battle. This skill is less effective on enemies above Level X. (True Damage)

Purple Skill (Master of Cheats): Once per wave, when Eda reaches 0 HP she will wait 5 seconds and heals X HP. So all enemies gain a 1 stack of Weakness.

Red Skill (Anti-curse Potion): After 2 seconds if an ally turns to negative form, Eda will come back to normal and she gains X Skill Power and X Armor. (This included Camel, Frog, Llama, Pumpkin Carriage, Small or Squirrel Forms)

  • X Max HP
  • X Basic Damage
  • X HP from “Master of Cheats”


Magica (Witches before Wizards)

Topic: Eda shows off her magic knowledge to Huey, Dewey and Louie, Magica spies on the conversation. Magica jeer of Eda and bet she can defeat more infected enemies. She accept the challenge. If Eda lose will pay with Scrooge´s Number One Dime.

“Precise” enemies deal 18% less damage with their Basic Damage or Skills. (Jumba, Bob Parr and Robin Hood)

  • X Support role enemies lose X Skill Power
  • X Skill Power of Eda and allies
  • X Stunned enemies lose X Reality

Demona (Soft Heart)

Topic: Demona is a witness and sympathizes with Edalyn’s curse, they become friends and patrol together until Demona discovers Eda´s feeling, she likes the humans.

Invincible enemies lose 10% (per star)of attack and movement speed

  • X Skill Power
    Yellow Team enemies lose X Basic Damage and X Skill Power

Luz Noceda & King

Team: Blue
Role: Tank
Position: Middle
Phase: “What happens in monage stays in montage”
Entrance: Comes from Eda´s door
Win: Luz carry and hug King
Lose: Sadly put her cat cop

White Skill (For Eda): Passive: Instead basic damage King dances and gains cute stacks. For each cute stack gain X Armor and Reality, 15 at most.
Active: Luz draws a light spell dealing X Damage per stack and blinds enemies.

The range of this skill is based on the number of stacks 1 to 5 will reach 1 enemy, from 6 to 10 at half and from 11 to 15 at all. after do the skill they will lose half of the stacks (1-8). The blind has a chance to fail against enemies higher than level X. (Fantastic Damage)

Green Skill (Plant Coven style): Luz draws a plant spell, she summons a huge bindweed who captures and stun an enemy for 9 seconds.
This skill has a chance to fail against enemies above Level X.

Blue Skill (Trump Card): Luz sets a ball on fire and targets it at the enemy with less HP remaining, dealing X Damage. This ability surpasses shields (it will deal direct damage without counting the HP of the shield). True Damage

Purple Skill (King Perks): Enemies cannot steal King and Luz’s armor or reality. They restore X HP when blind or hit a blinded enemy.

Red Skill: Luz gets 100 energy when using “Plant Coven Style” or “Trump Card”. Will be the half on enemies above Level X

  • X Max HP
  • X Armor
  • X Damage to Trump Card


Edalyn Clawthorne (Future Queen)

Topic: Eda exchanges King’s bodies for Luz. King tries his new body and Luz comes after him.

Luz is immune to be sapped
Each time an enemy clean or reset Luz & King´s stacks of cute, they gain 1 (per star) cute stacks immediately

  • X Skill Power to Luz & King and allies
  • X Max HP to Luz & King and allies

Miguel Rivera (My Magical montage)

Topic: Miguel tells Luz the history of his family and the relevance of music in his life, she talks about her adventures with Eda when some infected enemies kidnap Dante.

The allies gain 13% (per star) of Luz & King´s Armor and Reality
Plant Coven Style deals X damage

  • X Max HP
  • X Armor Middle

Stop. Unnecessarily. Reviving. Dead. Topics. PLEASE.


Good concepts i wish the owl house did came

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