Edgar Balthazar

Edgar Balthazar

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Front
Team: Blue

Entrance: Edgar walks to his position. Green skill changes the entrance.
Victory: Edgar pulls out a glass with champagne and drinks a small part of it.
Defeat: Edgar lies his hands on his head and panics.

Quote: “You’re going to Timbuktu, if it’s the last thing I do.”

Basic attack: Edgar hits enemies nearest to him with his umbrella

White Skill: Time To Sleep
Edgar gives enemies milk with sleeping pills, stunning enemies for 5 seconds, this stun cannot be evaded, dodged, and reduced by tenacity, and it bypasses all Hardy stacks.

After 5 seconds enemies are stunned for another 10 seconds and are applied with 3 stacks of Weakness.

The second Stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green skill: Crash Ride :fist:
At the beginning of each wave, Edgar rides in his motorcycle and crash in impact with the most-front enemy, dealing damage X to them and nearest enemies, and stunning them for 8 seconds.
Enemies damaged also lose X Armor and Reality for 10 seconds.

Blue skill: Pitchfork Attack :fist:
Edgar attacks nearest enemies with his pitchfork, dealing X damage, knocking them back, and Snaring them for 12 seconds.

Purple skill: Bad Butler
After 5 seconds of the battle, Edgar locks a random enemy in a chest and sends them off from the battlefield.

The enemy returns after 10 seconds, with decreased HP by X, and decreased Basic Damage and Skill Power by 80%.

The enemy returns faster when it’s the last enemy standing.

Red Skill: Sly Old Fox
Before stunning enemies with “Time to Sleep,” Edgar decrease the Tenacity and Evasion of all enemies by 50% for 10 seconds.

Edgar uses “Bad Butler” once again after 12 seconds. While an enemy is out of the battlefield with ‘‘Bad Butler’’, Edgar’s attack and movement speed is increased by 150% and the Cooldown of “Pitchfork Attack” is reduced by 60%.

The Tenacity and Evasion decrease has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:
+X damage to ‘‘Crash Ride’’


Edgar - Bolt : A False Assumption
Edgar manipulates Bolt and tells him that Duchess and her kittens work with Green-eyed Man.

Longer Guaranteed Stun

  • +X SP
  • Allies deal X bonus damage to stunned enemies with their basic attacks
  • Stunned enemies lose X Armor
  • Guaranteed stun duration from “Time To Sleep” is increased by 0.6s (+0.6s per star)

Edgar - Scrooge : Be My Butler
Edgar becomes Scrooge’s temporary butler as Duckworth is on holiday.

Stealing Buffs from Stunned Enemies

  • +X HP
  • +X BD
  • Edgar and allies steal a random buff whenever they damage a stunned enemy. Buff can be stolen this way once every 5 seconds (-0.5s per star)

Huh. I never knew Edgar was even given a last name in the movie.

Well done!


Hrm…so, he both crashes into an enemy on his scooter and also shoves someone into a chest at the same time? I think the Purple Skill is probably gonna need a different trigger than “At the beginning of the wave.” Maybe it should be a “When an enemy KO’s an ally” or “When an enemy reduces Edgar to 50% HP” situation.

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Good point :thinking:

Changed it slightly.

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