Edna Moda in the game

The actress who makes Edna Moda , Nádia Carvalho passed away, l think Edna Moda could be added to honor her.

And that is precisely where the logic fails. PB has said Edna can´t come. Besides the actress was not her original voice anyway.


why cant Edna come?

Brad bird actually voiced Edna Mode

Nadia Carvalho was Edna’s Portuguese VA

Oh. I didn’t know that

Yes. Although Brad Bird was the original VA for her and he did not pass away. Besides, it is better to ask PB why Edna cannot come… @Loutre?

They already clarified they can’t make a kit for her in a Q&A a couple years ago :man_shrugging:

I know they did. But it will be better if they could see themselves.

Didn’t they say the same thing about Anna a long while back before eventually adding her in anyway? What’s stopping them from doing the same with Edna?

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