Edna mode concept

Edna mode is a 2star back-line support.

quote:it means fire.-incredibles 2

Basic attack:throws a pen at an enemy.

White:no capes! Throws a box of capes at the nearest enemy,knocking them back and stunning him/her for 5 seconds.(stun has a to fail for enemies above level 50)

Green:Edna mode…and guest:Edna shields her weakest ally,takes out a blueprint,studying an enemy.

Blue:temperatures over 1,000 degrees!:fantastic damage.when Edna is at 50 HP,she puts flames through the enemies,dealing X damage.

Purple:designer:Edna now heals allies

Entry:Edna walks in the battlefield

Victory:plans a super suit

Defeat:Edna frowns and stomps her foot

Friends hiro:planned:more shields.Allies:baymax,Elsa,Olaf?


Rating poll is in topic:[Poll for my next hero](http://Poll for my next hero)

I had an idea for her too. I’ll post mine up as well. She could be fun. We had one similar cross over, the cape skill but mine was not her white skill.

This is a 95% unintentional pun (Get it? The quote is literally above all things

Ok guys this might not be the best concept ever but you guys are being rude and disrespectful, if all you’re going to say is bland horrible bland then why comment, just an it needs work would be fine!

And at least @Sweet_dreams tried to make it unique not like some of the others that are great but the same thing again and again!


I can admit that I was pretty rude there. I don’t know why the other two posted, though. I go over concepts to give their creators constructive criticism, so they can make better concepts. I’ve been doing it for months, those two started copying me only fairly recently. :man_shrugging:

I went back and deleted my post, I’ll try to be less rude next time there’s a bad concept.

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If your talking to me then I didn’t copy anyone I came up with the idea on a concept called oooooo (Concept 3) and if I did sound rude then I can edit my post or delete it cause I don’t want anyone to feel bad because of something I said.
Edit: I do admit I was rude so I deleted the post and also I didn’t copy your Method of criticizing @The_Leavesdropper I came up with the idea to criticize each skill on the concept I stated in non-edited part of this post so please no accusation and I promise to be less rude and crude in my Skill reviews because I want to be positive so sorry if I made you feel bad @Sweet_dreams with my post…

And plus it’s not copying if many people have been doing it before you so yea :man_shrugging:

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