Elasti girl _ meta breaker?

Elasti girl is one of old school heroes of the game and as you can see most of old school heroes are now unbalanced in comparison with new ones .
But elasti girl is such a good hero , in arena she always kills my megara ,or alice .she also can melt down many tanks ! But honestly she needs attention , I think she needs a few buff and she is good counter in end game !

Overall , this topic is just for saying elastic girl may help you for removing op back line characters .
My elasti girl is strong now and she totally change my arena section she helped me a lot , but sometimes she dies very fast but I think with a buff she will be more successful in this meta !

Elasti is a single target crasher , her skills are focused and aimed to make a way from both back and behind of enemy team !
One the characters that All her skills and disks are connected to focus on one aim , that aim is single target damage .
With this description she can be at least a counter pick .

So , she can be a great counter for some meta heroes of the game , trust me

Honestly from what I’ve seen, elastigirl(ja) is outclassed by quorra in terms of frontline killing. Elastigirl(va) is beaten out by jack skellington(MH) in terms of backline killing. The ducks deal AoE damage and deals about the same amount of damage.

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Yes thats true , also barbossa is a great single target damage but elasti girl can help you to Laos focus on killing back lines

Quorra , I don’t think she can do a good job since she was nerfed.

Quorra is still great after the nerfs.


Didn’t use her recently but in invasion she really hasn’t got damage , she is normal hero , not good and not bad

That’s why jack skellington is a good backline killer. MH disk causes him to throw 3 ducks instead of one and since they can crit off of the scares of each other, they deal ridiculous amounts of damage.

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Ok , I haven’t tried his disk , will work on him to see can he help or not !
Thanks for sharing your idea