Elite Campaign Hero Chip Quantity


Does anyone know what the max number of chips you can get from the 3 attempts for an elite campaign fight? Is it maxed at 1? I figured this is the case since I always get only 1 when I raid each campaign 3 times. Anyway, if you get the hero chip on your first fight, is it worth continuing to use stamina?


I’ve gotten 3 out of 3 before


Raiding 9 times a day averages about 4 or 5 chips it feels Like to me.


For three attempts, I sometimes turned 2 or 0 chips.


I don’t know what the exact drop rate is, but 3-5 chips per 9 raids is to be expected. So the drop rate for chips is somewhere between 33-45%.


From my experience the drop rate is around 33%, which prior the 6* update was ok.

But now, it’s ridiculous.


From 3 fights you get 1 chip in average. Sometimes it’s 2 bit if that happen the next three drops will be likely zero. Due to the extreme stamina cost in the later chapters, this very low drprate should be fixed. If you spend 72 stamina just for one chip than it is just broken. Elite isn’t even worth trying anymore