Ella, my top 1 gacha character

desc: Ella likes to prove the creeps whos the real good guy.

Stars: :star:

Role: Support
Team: Red
Quote: Let me have a cookie for victory…

arrival: twirls to the field

victory: she jumps joyfully

defeat: she falls to the ground :slightly_frowning_face:

Hit: She gets hit and looks suprised

basic damage: she punches the enemy as usual.

:white_circle: Fireworks! (white) :sparkles:: fireworks spawns in and she fires the fireworks and the fireworks from the air stunning enimies and taking x damage

:green_circle: The power of kindness (green): the ally with the least hp heals her ally x hp and grants them invincibility for 3 seconds. she can only do this one time per wave. Ella can also do this skill too if she has the least hp.

:large_blue_circle: You cant outsmart the ella! (blue) :fist:
: ella targets the enemy with the most hp and she does more damage to the enemy and charms them. the charm has a chance to fail on level x.

:purple_circle: Who’s the good guy here (purple): Each start of each wave ella grants her allies attack speed for 5 seconds and ella grants her allies a shield. the attack speed has a chance to fail on allies above level x.

:red_circle: Kindness in the air (red): The power of kindness can now do this skill 2 more times. Ella can also stun the enemy who last attack the ally for 5 seconds, The stun has a chance to fail on enemys above level x.


…and also this.


Magica and Ella: “Opposites Attract” Difficulty: Yellow Enimies
Ella’s white skill will also snare the enemy with the most HP and it will cleanse Ella.

Shank and Ella: “Crashing Competition” Difficulty: Yellow Enimies
Ella’s green skill will also give her and her allies 3 stacks of hardy and it boosts her attack speed 40% for 7 seconds at the beginning of each wave.

Let me know. Would you use Ella?

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how about Magica and Shank

Magica because based on the way Ella seems she looks like a total opposite of Magica.

And Shank because Ella seem’s competitive.

Alright just give me something like what the friendship disk does and stuff

ok so for Magica maybe the disk should be called “Opposites Attract”

It would make Ella’s white skill snare the enemy with the most HP and it would cleanse Ella. The picture of the disk would be a heart with one side colored pink and the other colored black. The side with Pink has half of a smiley face, the side with black has half an evil angry face.

And then for Shank the disk could be called “Crashing Competition”

It would make Ella’s green skill also give her and her allies 3 stacks of hardy and it boosts her attack speed 40% for 7 seconds at the beginning of each wave. The picture would be a race car and a chalk board with tally points.

Nice! Alright.


you are welcome

You know Perblue will add only disney characters right?
Also, w h a t

This is an “unlikely” concept, meaning the person who made the concept knows that this character will never actually be added to DH:BM and just made the concept for fun.


Ok, that makes sense

I would use her in my coli team with Magica’s disk

oh well thanks

Ik but theres other concepts in the community too that dont involve disney

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