Elliot , from Pete's Dragon (2016)


I would love to have Pete & his Dragon "Elliot’ on my server 16 as many of us former Dragon Soul players really love dragons & I think Pete & Elliot would work out in the friends mode too. Elliot not only has two movies he can be Pete’s pal but Elliot can cause a lot of trouble with being a 24 foot high Dragon yet is a gentle giant so my wish is for 2 Disney Hero’s Pete & his Dragon Elliot.


What would his Skillset be?


And sorry but…



there wouldnt even be enough room on the screen…unless you wanna pull a Maleficent white and only show the head?

so yah…what would the skill set be?


Heck I don’t know? Maybe fire breathing & making toast of Pete’s enemies. Ya think Rare, Medum & Well done! lol And maybe his head could just drop down from the sky kinda like Hydra’s did attack from so high up you didn’t know he was biting you without warning. I love that attack mode.