Encanto Characters in Disney Hero’s

Would love to see the encanto characters in Disney Hero’s
Luisa and Isabela can be tank characters Luisa taking heavy hits and Isabela putting up a wall of flowers
Mirabel can be a support characters that enhances other characters powers
Camilo and Dolores could be damage characters Camilo transforming into other characters and using there abilities for a short period of time and Dolores can have an ability where she can hear the enemy’s next move and silence it


This should be in wish list since this is not exactly a concept.

And I have a feeling that Mirabel is going to be another Anna case. The devs are going to have a hard time fleshing out her skillset.

Of course I could be wrong.


Encanto characters would be… great… :heart_eyes::sparkles::heart_eyes:


How do I access wish list so I can move the post?

  1. Click on the pencil in the toolbox on the bottom of your main post.

  2. Next to where you make the title for your topic. You will find the categories. Click on the arrow to see the other categories.

  3. Click on the one that says #feedback-corner:hero-wish-list and have moved your topic from one place to another.


Got it thank you

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I think they will eventually come, but I think it’ll be a while before they do, considering the movie released only a month ago.


If Mirabel does come to the game, chances are good that she’ll probably have friendships with Miguel and Donald Duck.

His friendships are full, so not.

and about first post

Absolutely agree, it was really great movie and would be great to see Encanto characters being added to this game.


I would love not just to see it in disney heroes but the movie to​:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Agh I would LOVE Encanto in DHBM :heart_eyes:

Mmm esta bien los 4 personajes pero yo cambiaría a dolores por bruno ,a dolores no le veo mucho ataque o potenciador y bruno si como realentizacion de tiempo ,precisión etc dar potenciador como maribel esos dos serian mas de potenciadores que de ataque

It will be awsome!!! :star_struck:

I think you put the Encanto characters in the patch notes

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I want to see this so much!

Are they coming for real when

Probably a few months or so.

Do you know when

I would love to see encanto but I think they would add Luisa because she seems the easiest

What about Bruno? What do you guys think his abilities would be or should be?

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