Enemy Maximus’ Unbeatable

Since Maximus joined the game, I thought from the beginning that his skills and overall performance in the game were a little OP, but back then, he was able to take damage and debuffs. Now, he’s invincible. To everything my team throws at him, regardless of the power behind each of their skills.

Not exactly sure if this is a bug, but it’s a problem carrying on throughout Campaign, Surge, Trials, City Watch, Arena, Coliseum, Invasion, Port, and Guild War (basically everything that allows actual RPG gameplay, in case I missed anything). I have Maximus in my hero collection as well, and he takes damage just like everyone else does, but any Maximus that I find on an opposing team just does not lose any HP at all.

How is this happening, and if it does turn out to be a bug, can @Loutre please fix it?

If he is literally invincible, Tron.

If he just seems that way, stun heroes and tenacity reducers.

It looks like you used alice, hatter and Shan, which isn’t a great combination.

Maybe try to freeze max to interrupt the healing cycle.

Alice and hatter are not great, I would maybe change my focus to newer characters.

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It was Alice, Mad Hatter, Rafiki, Peter Pan, and Shan Yu. Is there anything else I should know, now that you now have the full lineup?

The problem isn’t that Max is OP, more that you are not countering him.
Have some people in your guild send you spars with max in the group and try to find a team that works for you.

At lower levels I would suggest freeze at higher levels he will die quick with heavy damage.

I think there is someone on the forum that does a tier list. It might not be perfect but you might get an idea of where the characters you are using are rated by most of the server. Plus it might give you an idea of who to work on next.



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