Epic City Watch- Opponent Level Error

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this, as I don’t post often. I am currently on the second fight of Region 4 in an Epic City Watch. On the main screen, Timon-Pumbaa and Animal are Level 173. In battle, when my Randall is taken off auto, Timon-Pumbaa and Animal are shown as being at Level 183. Which level are the opponents actually at? This makes a difference, as to potentially why I haven’t beaten this level yet. Anyone else experience this issue?

Screenshots are of the Epic City Watch main screen, my battle team, and the battle fight choosing which opponent Randall should attack, showing the increased power of T-P and Animal.
I didn’t see any posts mentioning this. Sorry if it’s a repeated topic.


TJ11, this could be a bug. If it is just once, I’m sure nothing is wrong. Maybe it’s just a glitch. If this is a repeated error, report it and see if the changes made, if any, are effective.

I’m having an issue in epic city watch where I get to level 4 and I finally hire a mercenary, and the opponent threat automatically goes up, mid match (I hired a Randall)
I don’t have photos of the situation but what happened as I remember (just one opponent I looked at)
I looked at this Red Slinky opponent who was at level 120, and had 4 mods, and all collections icons shown.
Then when I used Randall’s white skill it said Slinky was at level 150. I was like “WHAT?”

Thanks for the help, Prince. This is the first time I encountered it, and I only noticed this error because I took Randall off of auto battle. I’m really not keen on doing any more City Watch fights until I get an answer to this because I had to give up that fight and lost keys. And actually I just noticed now, ALL the heroes are powered differently from the main screen and the in game fight screen!!! :rage: I had only noticed T-P and Animal as being increased because they were shown as the two high powered heroes to have Randall fight. I didn’t think to check the other heroes last night. I’m not doing another Epic CW until I get a clarification on this.

I did mention it to my guild mates, so I’ll see if any of them encounter it.

Great! Glad that it helped

So I inadvertently started an Epic CW when checking the wards. First battle, there is a hero power discrepancy. So whether it’s a bug or visual error, we need an answer as to what the opponent’s hero power actually is. Screenshots are from today. Interesting that Jasmine and Raj have different power strengths in the last pair of screenshots.

Tagging @Polaris to make sure he sees this.

And if you check hero skills’ information, you will see that most (if not all) of them have maxed red skill. Some is even above server’s maxed level…

I didn’t know my server had that many players with maxed red skill until playing Epic CW…

The scale in enemies’ power is getting ridiculous, especially with how much power red skills give…

@Polaris, you guys should really take a look at how things handled in CW, because it’s no fun fighting someone way stronger than they really are

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This happens all the time in my accounts. City Watch is broken and is deliberately done that way. I’ve had fights in which enemy toons are at higher rarity than what their levels would properly allow, for those who are familiar, Per Blue wanted CW to be more challenging than what expedition was in Dragon Soul.

Thanks @Dags. I didn’t know.

@Polaris- Has this issue been addressed at all? Thanks for any information.

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