Eve advice~


Hello, I have one simple question about Eve. I know her purple ability allows her to do more damage to disabled Heroes but what I want to know is does she only do more damage in her abilities or does she also do more basic attack damage?


She goes completely berzerk on the poor fellas, basic attacks or whatnot


Sooooooo yes? Her purple ability includes both her basic attacks and her special moves?


Yes it does. But mind that only her white skills has an auto aim, basic attacks still just hit the first enemy in sight, no matter if they have been crowd controlled or not.


Does her Purple Skill stack or not? For example, an enemy is Stunned and Frozen, does she get 200% more damage, or just 100%?


Very good question @Hero_Dante I’ll test it.

Edit: my hypothesis was correct it dealt 200% damage. @Hero_Dante


Could I ask how the heck you tested that?


I played a level with eve, frozone and ralph