Event ranking Bug

There something wrong about the event ranking in server 19…i’ve got almost a million of points but my rank is 13949th…is there any one can answer this bug issue?

@polaris I’m sure this issue has been raised a few times before.

@Princess_Elsa_I if your rank is below 200 then it only gets updated once every 24 hours. Don’t panic, you will still get the correct rewards when the contest ends.

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@Polaris, could you please at least tell the devs to put a disclaimer in every contest? Reading this kind of complaint WEEKLY is getting so annoying now.

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Probably people are really good if not it is a bug we do not know

By the way @Princess_Elsa_I welcome to the forums and please don’t think we are trying to insult you. I promise we aren’t, it’s just that the same question gets asked every time there is a contest and despite being asked countless times, PerBlue don’t seem to want to put in a simple fix to avoid it.


Thanks sir…

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