Events (New Game Mode)

Since the lasts price walls brings new characters from “Newest” series or films i think for bring some oldest characters do some temporary events that gives a bunch of characters, and do some tower with every x fights win you recieve 10 character chips for every character and when you beat It you recieve 500 red skill chips

if they want to do more events (Like 1 event every 2 months) in a year they need to add less characters like 6 or 7
If they want to do few events (Like 1 event every season (4 in a year)) they add like 9 or 12 characters
And if they want to do less events (Like 1 every 6 months) they add like 15 or more characters

What do you think guys? Is a good idea or a worst idea??

Is it the last hero standing

No, i’d like to add something like this in the game for the old characters and not wait to be released in the prize wall, cause lately the prize wall is with the “Newest films”

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