Everything about Felix but it's just so bad


I got Felix some time along the way, tried using him, upgrading him at some point then totally gave up on him :frowning:

My top 3 tank I am currently focus on are Sully, Mr. Incredible and Shank :slight_smile:

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It wouldn’t be a freeze team without Elsa and Olaf, and since Olaf’s purple works with all freeze and not just his freeze, the ability to keep one front line enemy almost permanently frozen or slowed with a high disk star is useful. Not to mention the fact that Elsa deals more damage, and Olaf’s disk for dealing massive damage by freezing the frozen. I’ve seen them used and battled against them, and they’re really hard to beat without relying on teams focused around Flynn or Quora, and even they have trouble of you aren’t careful cause your support gets frozen.


Problem is, you get two or three freeze heroes on a team and you have that already. And often not just on the front line.

You can get more freeze in from better heroes. Felix can freeze every other attack with a five star disk. Merida can do it every third with a one-star disk, and she can triple her attack speed. Genie’s not great either, but he can get on average more than one freeze per two basic attacks, and can last a bit longer due to not being on the front line. Miguel gets an extremely long freeze and is a fantastic support unit from the outset. Baymax can start the fight with a good freeze.

Felix’s freeze is not that great, on a unit that’s not that great to begin with. Even for exploiting Olaf’s Moana disk, it’s not stellar. I’d far sooner suggest Elsa, Olaf, Baymax, Wall-e, and either Miguel or Genie.


I think using felix in a freeze team is great. I have a lot of success with him. Yeah he does die but he also does what he needs to do…freeze non stop. With Olaf on the frontline with him it helps him a lot.

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Very interesting thread …I am a noob refugee from Dragon Soul and was going to put resources into Felix but not now… Who is the best tank? I got Ralph Mr Incredible and um the Hawaiian guy…forgot his name?:thinking:


Maui haha. The best tanks can vary from each play style. Bogo is great on defense with his shield, Rex eats shields, Sulley has high hp and great damage, Ralph loves stunning opponents, Mr. Incredible goes pow-pow-pow, etc. Choose a tank that’s fits your type of play style and see if it has synergy in your team.


If there were a singular answer to that, this wouldn’t be a very good game, now, would it?

Ralph is okay, particularly once he gets to purple. He’s a bit squishy for a tank, even with his purple, but brings a ton of control to disrupt the enemies. Good, but not much of a solo tank.

Mr. Incredible, despite his tag, is not a tank. He’s a relatively beefy damage dealer. His white has him completely abandon tanking duties in order to punch back line squishies. You can certainly build teams around him. Or more accurately, he fits pretty well in a team built around Jack Sparrow, focusing on basic damage. But I wouldn’t build Mr Incredible under any understanding of, “This is my tank.”

Maui is, sadly, on the short list for worst units in the game. Too frail, and his abilities aren’t really stellar. Typically, his day goes show up, dance, flap wings, die.

Baymax, Shank, and Olaf are the current go-to, fantastic tanks. Though shield counters hurt Baymax’s viability. Sally is also a solid general purpose tank.

Rex is another not-tank with the tag. Recently got some buffs, so he may be more useful, but for the most part, Rex is a counter to shield teams, not a damage sponge.

Sulley is one of the go-to units. Not so much for arena, though he can slot into a scare team or a coliseum team, but Sulley is super useful for Campaign, especially with his Woody disk which lets his healing laughter heal the whole team.

And Hades is an odd duck, but generally solid and slots neatly into a lot of teams. Particularly if you’re running two-tank, as Hades will hang back a bit and suck up a bit of damage from your primary tank, and if you have a lot of fantastic damage on the team, because scare on death.

And Bogo isn’t a go to choice, but he is a competent plain ol’ wall. And between his armor, shield, and flash bang, he’s great against teams that rely a lot on their basic attacks.


Thank you for your very helpful replies @BlueWave and @ Wobbly… I nearly have enough chips for Sully and Olaf so I will focus on them as well as Ralph…of course it is essential to have several different tanks to play the game properly…kudos to you both :blush::+1:t3:


I know this is a lot of investment but if you really want to use Felix, I’d suggest using Calhoun with her Violet disk, EVE, and another tank to make the most out of him. Calhoun’s disk would protect him for a while so he can deal some stuns, blinds, and freezes (with Frozone disk), which will cause EVE to deal more damage. The other tank will act as backup in case Felix dies, I suggest maybe Ralph or Olaf to add CC for EVE in case Felix’s CC fails.

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Felix got me through the early game. He started to fall around p1. Then Jack Sparrow got his buff and Felix just died lol. I mean that “counter” one shots a fully geared and enhanced Felix. I thought this newest “refresh” would be great, wrong. I dont feel any difference. Even with Frozones tank armor disk hes a punching bag.
They should just make him a mid line support, change his attack animation, and lastly if that doesnt work delete him.


Yea Felix Is probably the worst charecter in this game


It would be great if his heal is buffed a lot more and his ult gives him invincibility for a second or 2, stun and knockback. His survivability will increase I think.


For a tank that relies on his Basic attack to heal him (and therefore actually be a tank), he has abysmal Tenacity. If he got a massive Tenacity buff, he would be somewhat useful, while not impossible to deal with (seriously, just Curse him or ignore him (focus on other tanks or backline instead)


What if his heal worked on himself AND an ally at the same time?
Also his armor and tenacity would need a SUPER boost.
They cant test these characters. I mean let’s be real here, NO DEV HAS HIM ON THEIR TEAM. Lol


Why??? I know that Felix is bad, but I faced a player which it took a long time to defeat Felix. I had to use my power team to defeat him.


Felix with a Frozone disk is wonderful for stalling even though his effectiveness is variable depending on team comp. The best way to counter any Felix is to CC him to oblivion.


What about Miguel? How does he compare to Felix?


Bad (or even terrible) for healing whole team but good for one or two targets.

Felix is one of worst heroes in game, nothing to compare.


Yeah, he can be overwhelmed pretty quickly. Jessie disk kinda helps, but it’s a snowball type of strategy - Miguel needs some time to grow.

Besides, isn’t comparing a tank and a support kinda pointless? Totally different supposed roles