Everything about Felix but it's just so bad

So, Felix the ‘Tank’.

I have a bad habit of trying to push heroes that seem useless to the point where they can actually get thrown in a fight and do something.

I failed at Felix. I failed even harder because of the amount of time I;ve spent on him, as his friendship disk with Frozone is the highest I’ve ever reached - 4 stars (!), which gives him a 3,5 second freeze every 3 basic attacks.

First of all, he is the hero that barely ever does any damage - that’s especially important BECAUSE IT’S NOT STATED ANYWHERE. His attacks aren’t actually attacks, he instead heals himself. If you’re a new player, you probably won’t know that right away. Anyway, healing he gets from that is actually pretty bad. Level 95, P4, 4 outta 6 badges, 3 maxed, heals himself for 4k with each hit. Ouch. If you think ‘that’s not so bad, many attacks deal that kind of damage!’, well maybe, but usually we’re talking about enemies with higher resistances than Felix… which isn’t hard to achieve. But I’ll come back to this later.

Felix’s white skill is the only source of damage you’ll see from him. Good thing - in theory it’s spammable! Thanks to his fast attack speed, he gains a fair amount of energy in quick succession (yay), on the other hand - he’s so awful at tanking, he gets additional energy from gettin his flat arse kicked (nay). But when that happens, that skill will not save him.

Because his white skill, although a short stun could interrupt a potential mayhem an enemy is busy unleashing, comes with a delay. And sadly, this skill doesn’t work with what I call ‘ult pausing’. Basically, when you ult, the game pauses, but many of the friendlies’ ults will continue to act despite the paused game, giving you a vast advantage. But Felix ult is not applicable here.

Going onward, green skill. In my case, that was my first single target heal. Aaand, it’s of course just mediocre. I think it’s the worst of all that currently exist, Genie, Kevin and Mickey. Except for Genie, I have them all on P4, so I can see that Felix heals for 10k, Kevin for 17k and Mickey for 19k, all with ~11 seconds cooldown. Definitely a difference.

Blue skill, the 4 seconds blind. Well, I guess this is alright, but it’s still one of the worst crowd controls available. Ironically, it is not clearly described what it does, so just in case - blinded enemies will miss all of their basic attacks. It does counter few heroes who are specifically designed around their basic attacks, but apart from that, blind is not all that useful, and always lasts pretty short time.

Purple skill, allies gain bonus skill power. Fixes all of the above /s
It IS nice, but it’s a boring talent that I don’t really like, because it doesn’t bring anything for Felix himself and isn’t necessary for your team to succeed. Still, 1000 more sp is nothing to sneeze at I guess.

So, we have a very mediocre kit. But we have one more thing to continue on - his stats.

Oh my God.

He has very low basic damage, so his self heal is low. His HP is abysmal, only slightly better than Rex (who’s also on P4). And cherry on top - 1900 armor, 2000 reality. AND ZERO TENACITY.

This, this is just so bad, inexcusable for a tank to have stats like that. ANY crowd control will literally be his demise, because he is not able to stand up to any sort of damage on his own. It is entirely possible for him to die within first few seconds of a fight because he gets hit with some basic attacks at the same time. That 4k self heal? Don’t make me laugh. With the amount of damage Felix receives, he’s just gonna get staggered and he won’t even get that much.

And if you want to know something funny, he already is in his buffed state as it stands lol


The sad part is he got a buff a few patches ago so he wouldn’t constantly heal himself. It didnt help.

Unfortunately he doesn’t get much better at O0-O2. He gets to have somewhere in the realm of 51k HP with about 2500 Armor and 6500 reality. This might give the idea of him being a reality tank but it is laughable how bad he compares to other Reality Tanks. His biggest contenders?

Ralph, a tank with massive regen and immense control between a group stun, a group silence and a massive single target stun. Hades, a Tank who actually takes damage from his allies while dealing more damage the lower health he is at, a self revive, team scare and decent DoT. Sulley, who has a massive HP pool and does absurd damage along with his Woody disk making his self heal work for everyone. Sally shares a lot with Hades with the self revive and DoTs. Olaf who freezes everything, dodges, has a decent self heal and once again a self revive. Maui. You know you are bad when Maui is better than you. A team wide energy generation rate buff, 30% damage reduction, decent damaging knockback and sizable execute.

Felix isn’t just a bad tank, he is the worst tank. Probably the worst hero in the game. It’s not even close at this point.


One of the odd things about that skill power bonus to the team? It seems like it should be broadly useful, but it’s just hard to make use of.

It’s most comparable to Jack Sparrow’s team basic damage up, but that ability has a few things going for it that Felix doesn’t.

There are heroes who clearly and immediately benefit more from basic damage than others. Jack is not on the front line, so he lasts longer, and he has a dodge. And Jack makes good use of basic damage himself. Which is good, since a lot of the characters who compliment Jack’s basic damage boost- Mr Incredible, Merida, Miguel- can shred armor, so they all come together into a pretty coherent team.

Felix’s boost… doesn’t. Most uses for skill power kick in a few seconds into the fight, and by then, Felix is probably dead.

The best compliment I’ve found to Felix is Eve, since Felix brings three different disables, allowing him to overlap and keep them on consistently for Eve. But even then, you need a tank who can actually tank and a healer who can actually heal to keep him up long enough to matter.

Felix has a reasonable set of tools in theory, but they just don’t come together.

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Another bad thing about him is his size - not because he should be a giant, hulking beast like Sulley, but just that he small stature means that while he initially lines up behind Sulley, Mr. Inc and Maui, he ends up walking ahead of them because he’s too small… He has, as the OP said, no damage dealing basic attacks - there’s no need for him to end up as a frontline tank… If he lines up with Sulley, for example, he should be behind him at all times…

This is where a few tanks start off when they walk in (2nd wave because they have different entrances for the first but essentially the same positions, this screenshot was just easier):

And this is where they end up after walking forward:

He goes to the very front line, and he cannot take that kinda damage, especially as he deals none himself (except his white skill)…

Simply solution - increase his range, that way he’ll stand further back, will work with other tanks, and actually survive long enough to be effective, but not so long he becomes broken…

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I use Bogo as my main would suggest using him

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Use Felix with the Frozone disk and a freeze team.

I haven’t tried out how Felix would come around now that ice seems to be a really op element in the game, but maybe a team with Felix, Olaf, Wall-E and Elsa would work.

I believe it’s much more on preference and set-up. I once fought a crazy OP Felix with a near perfect Ralph disk and since his speed increased depending on how much little Health he had he became insanely hard to kill plus he had a strong Zurg along with Miguel to keep him going that was the strongest Felix I’ve ever seen.
So I do believe Ralph’s disc is better than frozone’s, it gives his whole purpose more meaning.


That’s actually an awful setup in my opinion. Because stun is very often a must-have against Zurg, and if you have stun - you also get rid of Felix. Because Felix’s undebatable weakness is his zero resistance against crowd control, although I guess it could be nullified with a bit of luck by Flynn? Either way, not much you can do for a hero that takes full cc duration in his face.

Still, an interesting perspective.

I was just giving an example, I don’t even use Felix lol I never gave him a chance.

Not great as a freeze team. Especially now.

If you’re theming a team around a status effect, you need to capitalize on that effect. While Frozone and Felix can both freeze enemies, they do not work for making a Freeze team, because neither have any abilities that actually capitalize on freeze. Frozone’s purple only affects enemies he freezes. As such, the fact that they can both freeze only makes it more likely they’ll end up trying to freeze the same target and get in each other’s way, compared to putting Frozone with Ralph, so that Frozone will freeze and Ralph will stun without getting in each other’s way.

If you want to actually make a freeze team, you’re talking about characters who can capitalize on it. Elsa and Olaf. Maybe Eve. Thing is, even themed teams don’t want too much of the same status effect, because they’ll be tripping over one another’s feet instead of keeping it up more reliably. So Frozone and Felix would be more of a redundancy.


I think felix is an off tank, I almost maxed him (0range 1 5* and maxed frozone disk star) He actually does well in elsa, frozone, olaf, woody (or eve) combi, as he freeze 3.5 sec every 2 attack, he heals 10k per head hammer (due to healing efficiency bonus), and he burst heal of 18k HP to his ally (not counting crit/healing efficiency too)

And don’t forget his skill power bonus to team (1467 skill power bonus)
as he is now, he have 23,475 power level

I think there are no useless hero, as long as they have the combi to work on


I agree that in the right set up most anyone can be viable, however some heroes are just simply out classed. In the case of Felix why would I use him over Miguel for instance. Both have freezing disks, both heal with auto attacks and both have skill power buffs.

However Miguel far exceeds Felix in the healing he can do. He is also a better “tank” getting more health, armor and reality than Felix. He also has an armor reduction, a slow, a stun/freeze with Elsa disk, gives energy generation and is immune to charm all the while being in a better protected area of a line up. Felix is just a bad hero overall. Again not unusable just bad and outclassed by many other heroes. Just in the same vain as other heroes like Yax, Nick, Finnick, Sparrow, Maui, etc.


Don’t you dare to talk bad about Nick Wilde, the Godking of the city watch!
But I agree, some heroes like Quorra can be used in many lineups while others like Felix need specific heroes around him to be useful. Other heroes like Yax are great in the beginning but don’t make the cut in the late game. And it would be nice to give those heroes some love.


I too use miguel… But I think they are both different… Yes status wise miguel might be better in some areas, but he need buffer time to to the bidding, as felix he’s more towards direct buff effect for all. Situational difference, and they both have different positioning. For example against darkwing duck, felix has higher survivability than miguel. All in all, it’s come back to our playstyle and feeling tho… For those who love felix he is good enough, and for those who aren’t he’s never be good enough. LoL

But, I love investing on ‘niche’ heroes like this, rather than being the same like all others. That’s why I am stuck in Plat III arena and Plat I Colliseum. XD

I personally have found Jack Sparrow to be of the highest calibur, good Sir. And Nick Wilde’s pretty good also.

Jack sparrow is pretty good I will admit, but just like I said he is simply outclassed. He is good, not great. For Normal damage heroes I don’t reccomend him over heroes like Scar, Moana, DWD, Aladdin or Calhoun.

Nick I have to disagree with. While I agree he is great in CW, that is the only mode he is good in. He takes far too long to ramp up his damage. Again not saying he is unusable just out classed. Almost the same as Stitch in that regard in the sense that the hero is incredibly strong in one game mode and very underwhelming in others.

PB has done well in making most heroes viable in one sense or another even if it is some niche role. Like Rex and Dash being shield busters or Nick in CW or Stitch in heist. Every hero has a use even if it is only for friend campaigns, just some are useful outside of there as well. Plus with Disney a lot of players will forego meta and synergies simply because they love the character. However from a purely competitive stand point there needs to be a sense of objectivity, which is what I mainly look at.

True but… I feel like if you’re going to have him as a tank and freeze you might as well go with Olaf because he takes freezing to a whole 'nother level, lot better then Felix. I think Olaf took that Crown, sorry. That’s why I think Ralph’s disc is more suitable for him.

Nick and Stitch are 2 of my main 16 heroes and I am still using and upgrading them (my personal favorite) but I think your point is kinda fair. For quite some time now, I haven’t use those 2 in Arena, mainly because they can’t compete with others…

FYI, my Stitch and Nick Wilde is O1 with their skills max (3 for Stitch and 2 for Nick) so no, I don’t badmouth them…

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