Fa Mulan, New Concept

Fa Mulan

Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Stars: 3

I ignored my first ideas for the sketch and design; Mulan´s long hair, a birdcage for the cricket (tied to Mulan’s waist), Mulan wearing a Chinese dress with yellow skirt over the ankle, among other things, because of her side of woman and warrior in the same character. Mushu hides behind, in Mulan’s clothes with the cricket. It’s my first attempt, I hope you like it and I want feedback.

Info: “The love for her family and nation, gives her strength, courage and cunning in the face any challange”.
Quote: “Just because I look like man doesn’t mean I have to smell like one”.

Entrace: Mulan climbing down rope and drop and Chinese lantern.
Victory: Mulan unsheathe Fa’s sword and see her self into reflection.
Defeat: Mulan fainting back and Mushu soften her fall.
Basic Attact: Mulan do 3 quickly hits (punches or with Bo) to the first enemy.


White: “Be a Man”: Mulan dodge the next enemy’s strike and do jumping kick. This rejected damage’s hit, store and will returns plus X damage. All reject damage become normal damage (normal damage).
Green: “Lucky Bug”: A mall cricket jumps inside the clothes, between the fur or the body of farthest enemy. The enemy hurts itself equal to 30% of maximum HP and will stunned for 8.0 seconds.
The cricket jumps on enemy once every 12.0 seconds. The stun has a chance to only last to 2.0 seconds on enemies higher than level X (True Damage).
Blue: “Your worst nightmare”: Mushu peeks over Mulan’s shoulder, causes X damage with his fire breath toward the first 3 enemies and scares for 7.0 seconds.
The scare have a chance to fails against enemies adove llevel X.
Purple: “Bring Honor us”: Mulan has 10% chance to dodge basic or true damage and 30% chance to dodge fantastic damage from enemies X or bellow. Mulan’s chance to dodge is reduced against enemies who are adove level X.
Red: “You dishonered me”: Mulan use “Be a Man” twice and heals 5% of her maximum HP per hit. This effect is reduced to half against enemies adove level X.

  • Fa Mulan and Merida on level X : “Who need a Man?”
    Allies: Vanellope, Bo Peep and Judy Hoops
    For Star: When Mulan’s first ally is K.O., Mulan become invensible for 3.0 seconds. So everbody increasing the attact and movement speed by 15% for 5.0 seconds. This effect can only ocur once per wave.
    Level up: Plus X Armor
    Topic: Mulan invites Merida to warm up but she prefer an Archery Challange and Mushu wants cheating for Mulan.
    Symbol: One tomato on arrow’s peak.

  • Fa Mulan and Calhoun: “Honor and Streght”
    Allies Ralph, Mr. Incredible and Hercules
    For Star: Mulan deals 25% more damage to scared enemies.
    Level up: Plus X Skill Power
    Topic: Mulan shows Calhoun the inner and outer beauty, however Calhoun waste time overprotect her and fighting against nearly enemies.

Altermative costume: Fa´s Armor (like Ping)


This is the first time I’ve seen this used in a concept. :thinking:


Just so you know, Fa is the “last name” of Mulan



Nice eyes

Jk, you did an awesome job on the drawing :clap:


Lol :rofl:


Ignore these little peeps.

For a first concept, it is not the worst I have seen.

Just work on spaces and indentions. Oh, and try to correct the spelling errors.

The design is really OP, but Mulan should be OP.

Thanks Champion_David

I know. I’d love to see that on Mulan, though could be better.
So my writting isn’t good.

Thanks for feedback

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This is a great concept! I’ve been waiting forever for my favorite disney hero, Mulan, to enter the game. It’s always discussed whether Mushu (and crickey) will be part of Mulan or be their own hero duo, but i think you did a great job using them all as one hero! Great concept :+1:t3: Can’t wait for the movie and when they’ll be eventually added. Nice job!

Actually, Crikey is already in game, there is an orange badge called Lucky Cricket…or at least there was… :thinking:

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It is, yet it’s purple.


Oh, my bad. :grin:

Nice drawing to complement the concept :grin:

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