Fairy Godmother (4th Concept)

This is my 4th concept regarding Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. I am aware that there are other people who already made a concept of her but I assure you that this one is different.

Name: Fairy Godmother
Movie: Cinderella
Stars: :star::star::star:
Description: She’s the dream fairy that all of us want to meet. Fairy Godmother is here to support her allies with her mystical powers and magic.
Quote: Bippity Boppity Boo!
Position: Back
Role: Support
Team Trial: Red
Collections: Support, Healers, Shields

Basic Attack: Instead of having a basic attack, Fairy Godmother heals the ally with the least HP with Z HP.
Entrance: She flies to her position.
Victory: Fairy Godmother flies upward happily.
Defeat: Fairy Godmother disappears in a puff of fairy dust.

:white_circle: Fairy Healing

Fairy Godmother heals all of her allies with Z HP and granting them 250 Energy.

:green_circle: Animal Mob


In every 5 seconds, Fairy Godmother calls a stampede of forest animals, making the animals run through enemies, dealing X damage and sapping the enemy with the most skill power for 9 seconds.

:large_blue_circle: Pumpkin Carriage


When Fairy Godmother’s HP is below 50%, she shields herself in a pumpkin carriage, granting her a shield with Z HP that lasts for 7 seconds. When the shield is broken or the shield duration is over, the carriage goes through enemies, dealing X damage.

:purple_circle: Midnight Bell

Every time an ally from Fairy Godmother’s team is K’O-ed, the attack and movement speed of allies is increased by 100% for 10 seconds.
This skill has a chance to fail for allies above level Y.

:red_circle: Godmothered

“Fairy Healing” now grants two stacks of Hardy to the ally with the least HP. The damage dealt by “Pumpkin Carriage” is increased by 50% and will also silence the enemy with the most energy for 12 seconds.

Extra Stats:
+Z armor
+Z HP Regen
+X damage to “Animal Mob”

Fairy Godmother/Merlin

Campaign: Experienced Magicians
Description: Fairy Godmother and Merlin goes on a journey to study the magic and mysteries that the city holds.
Allies: Jafar, Bo Beep, and Gonzo
Disk: Mystique Alchemy
Effect: The duration of the buff of “Midnight Bell” is increased by +1 second/s.

Fairy Godmother/Captain Hook

Campaign: Neverland Treasure
Description: Captain Hook wants Fairy Godmother to lead him to her secret fairy treasure.
Allies: Goliath, Hercules, and Flynn Rider
Disk: Valuable X
Effect: When “Fairy Healing” is activated, the energy recieved by allies is increased by +50 Energy.

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