Fairy Godmother/Madam Mim Friendship Campaign Problem

I can’t get past the first episode of the campaign. That Sally is annoying that she is dealing more than 15% of Mim’s HP for some reason. Fairy Godmother tried to help Mim, but I wasn’t working. Sally’s red skill probably insta-killed my Mim. I have no way to beat that Sally on the 2nd or 3rd wave. On the 3rd wave, that thief was stunning my Fairy Godmother, unable to damage enemies with blue skill.

Please help me.

You’re probably gonna need to use powerups or level up your heroes.


I never used Maximus disk for Fairy Godmother. That’s why I prefer Mim disk more. That disk can make herself and allies take less damage from reflected damage.

Well, that’s why I said you might have to rely on powerups or working on heroes. :sweat_smile:


Ya just rely on power ups I know how annoying Sally can be but after a few power ups and of course upgrading the characters you should get it in no time as I have acquired the disk already so it can be done.

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