Father of all Gods and Goddesses (Remastered)



Source: The Enchanted Tiki Room

Role: Tank

Position: Front

“Oh, mystic powers hear my call. From my limbs let new life fall.”

With the help of the other tiki gods and his very strong bark, Tongaroa defends his allies

Entrance: Appears into thin air

Victory: Smiles as flowers sing on his branches

Defeat: Frowns as vanishes

Basic attack: A birds comes out of him and dart at an enemies

White Skill: Pele and Negendi: Pele’s fiery temper rises which burns enemies while Negendi makes the earth tremble under it’s foundation.


Green Skill: Rongo: Rongo pops out of the branches and fly his kite, carrying him away and plowing into enemies.


Blue Skill: Tongaroa-Ru and Hinu Kuulua: Tongaroa-Ru and Hinu Kuulua makes a windy storm which blows enemies back


Purple Skill: Hanging on: Pele and Negendi now stuns as the Negendi shakes the earth.



Campaign: Tiki Hunt: When the tiki gods of the Tiki Room went missing, Tongaroa asks for the help of Maui to help him find them.

Disk: Tropic Standard Time: Attack speed increases over time


Campaign: Enchanted Protection: Tongaroa calls upon fellow spirit Elsa to help him protect the Tiki Room from a creep surge.

Disk: Evergreen: Impervious to freeze debuff

I went into this thinking this was Zeus lol

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I just made a tiki room concept today

I think the pre-show of tiki room is my favorite part of the show.

That is my second favorite. My favorite is the main song

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