Fave Hero Victory animation? K.O. animation?

My first forum post here!

Out of the heroes that we’ve got so far in the game, let’s talk about their respective Victory and K.O. animations. Who has your fave Victory animation and K.O. animation?

I’ll go first:
Mine is tied between Agent P (getting showered with balloons) and Meilin Lee (raising the roof!), and tied between Wreck-it-Ralph (goes stiff, and then falls on his back) and The Horned King (getting sucked into the Black Cauldron, just like in the movie!).


For my favorite KO animation, I’d go with Buzz Lightyear and Ron Stoppable. Both of them fall to their knees and let out a dramatic yell, and it’s really funny to watch. A close second would be every character whose KO animation is just them facepalming (Vinny, Dr. Drakken, King Triton, etc.) because those are pretty funny too.

As far as Victory animations go, there are a lot of good ones, but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d choose Frozone’s. Him making an ice statue of himself just so he can give himself a fist bump just oozes with coolness (no pun intended).

K.O.: Magica. I love the way her hair poofs up and springs up it makes me laugh.

Victory: Sarah. I love the way she giggles at the enemies when they lose.

K.O: Donald, I like how he just throws a tantrum on the ground

Victory: Duff killigan, I really like how he jumps into the air and clacks his feet together

Victory: King Louie, his is just more unique than the rest how he does his little dance and uses his long arms as a jump rope.

Defeat: It’s a three way tie between Goofy, Baloo and Kronk. Goofy and Baloo get knock out with stars circling their heads complete with cartoon noices. As for Kronk, it proves that that anyone can step on a trap door anywhere and fall in.

Victory: Belle. Love her bow. What I like even more is that she can have either the book or stick in her hand. Second, Li Shang. Strikes a cool martial art pose.

KO: Rapunzel. Smacks herself with her frying pan. Just find it so funny. Bagheera is a close second. Just falls down and covers his eyes.

Victory: Mickey Mouse. A nod to Mickey’s first ever appearance, Steamboat Willie.

Defeat: Darkwing Duck. It’s funny how he’s about to do his basic attack animation but failed.

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Victory: Quackerjack. I love how he’s just wiping his eyes because of the emotion he feels when he beats up people. It also hints that he’s a bit psycho.

Defeat: Cheshire Cat. I like how he swirls away and disappears.

KO: Go Go and Pochahantas! Pochaantas falls to her knees and Go Go gets mad and throws her disk to the floor.
Victory: Stitch hes one of my fav characters not my top 2 btw I love the hula dance thing he does

Well, after getting mad, Go-Go just catches one of her wheels in her hand.

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