Favorite things hoping to be added

Hey there I just love Battle Mode a ton, If you guys add Edna Mode and Clawhauser next it would be amazing, even if you don’t I’m still earning all the already avalible heroes while maxing out their friendships, by the way just one more thing. In an update can you maje it possible to re-read past friend campaign texts? Like for example:“Felix and Ralph set out to explore their new neighborhood in the city” I find them funny and entertaining. Thank you for reading this and please reply soon

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Hey there! Feel free to add your hero ideas to these topics, too: Votes for new charcters & How do YOU envision your "next" hero?

For the second half of your suggestion… I believe it’s already added? If you click on your Hero & press Wall, you should be able to see all of their unlocked friendship dialogues.

Ok and technically it is. The thing you showed me is just the conversation of the two friends after a friend chapter is completed

The only part that’s not included on the wall is the bit of story of what happens during the campaign. (Which unfortunately I don’t always remember to read.) The bit that’s before you start the battle on this page.

Exactly Snow. That’s the thing I was talking about. If they added that people can reread it anytime they want even after they cleared that friend campaign

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