How do YOU envision your "next" hero?

So, I was browsing through the forum & noticed a fair number of “Who Do You Want To See Next?” topics, which is all well & good, but it got me thinking… just how are the devs going to implement these favorite heroes of ours? As I was replying to this thread, I got all kinds of ideas for how my chosen Disney character would fight, what her skills would be, & just how she could be turned into an all-around bad@$$!

And, this is what I came up with…

HERO: Rapunzel
A mid-ranged melee-DPS who uses her golden locks, a strong arm, and a trusty frying pan to teach the battlefield a lesson!

WHITE SKILL: Flower Gleam and Glow
Rapunzel uses her hair to heal her entire party for X over Y seconds. Her team is also stunned for Y seconds. The heal/stun effects are reduced with every use.

GREEN SKILL: Let Your Hair Down
Normal Damage. Rapunzel throws her hair off-screen and uses it to swing through the enemy line, causing X damage. When swinging back, she causes knock-back (or rather, knock-forward?), and lands behind her allies.

BLUE SKILL: Tangled!
Normal Damage. Whips her hair around the front-most enemy and spins them to the backline, damaging all enemies along the way for X damage.

PURPLE SKILL: Power of the Frying Pan
Rapunzel now has an array of fighting pans to swing! Her Normal Damage increases by X and Attack Speed by Y. Her basic attack now also has a chance to stun.

Anyone else have any fantasies of what their “favorite” hero might be like in-game?
Did you vote for Rapunzel? What skills would you want her to have? Aw heck, what skills did you wish our current heroes had?

I’d love to see what y’all come up with! THE BALL’S IN YOUR COURT, COMMUNITY! :basketball:

Please keep in mind that these are all for fun, none of what is written here is official.


Continuing from the other forum: @33fred33, @ActuallyMackey, @Jaguar, @JStonier all posted some HUGE megalists of heroes in the other thread! A couple of which caught my eye & inspired me to make more skill trees :star_struck:

HERO: Pinocchio - 'Pinocchio’
Ranged back-line control hero.

WHITE SKILL: Look Out! It’s a Monstro!
Fantastic Damage. Pinocchio calls a giant Monstro puppet from the sky with a 10% chance to remove a random enemy from battle. If the removal fails, this move does X splash damage to his target. (Skill will automatically fail if there is one enemy left.)

Normal Damage. Pinocchio’s harnessed the power of his long, lying nose! He catapults it toward the closest enemy for X damage & knocks them back.

BLUE SKILL: Dance, Puppets, Dance
Fantastic Damage. Pinocchio uses his strings to swap the closest & furthest enemy’s positions. Inflicts X damage & stun for Y seconds.

PURPLE SKILL: Blue, Please!
The Blue Fairy makes another of Pinocchio’s wishes come true! Enemies now receive extra X damage against fire attacks. They also have an Y% chance to turn into a puppet for Z seconds.

HERO: Peter Pan (w/ Tinkerbell) - 'Peter Pan’
Front-line/tank hero.

WHITE SKILL: Shadowplay
Fantastic Damage. Peter Pan uses half his remaining HP to send his Shadow into the middle of the enemy line! Compared to Peter Pan, Shadow Peter has increased dodge. For every attack Shadow Peter dodges, Peter Pan recovers X health. (Can be used repeatedly, but not at the same time.)

Fantastic Damage. Tinkerbell throws magic dust at the closest enemy, floating them into the air for X seconds. When they fall, they take X damage.

BLUE SKILL: Think Happy Thoughts
Tinkerbell dusts Peter’s team with magic fairy dust. Allies are immune to stun, sleep, charm for X seconds. Does not affect Shadow Peter.

Normal Damage. When Peter Pan dies, the Lost Boys shoot an arrow at the enemy for every hero still on the screen. Each arrow does X damage.

HERO: Cruella de Vil - '101 Dalmations’
Melee mid-line control villain.

Normal Damage. Cruella calls her driver to the field. Has a 50% chance to hit either team for X damage. % chance to hit ally team lowers/enemy team raises the higher the skill is upgraded.

GREEN SKILL: Unleash the Beasts
Normal Damage. Opens her coat, releasing dalmatians and dealing X damage to the enemy team.

BLUE SKILL: Looking Good
Fantastic Damage. Cruella blows smoke at the front line, blinding foes for X seconds and dealing Y damage over Z seconds.

The less fighting there is, the less chance there is to ruin her prized coat! Cruella now earns X energy anytime anyone dies in battle.

Edit: Words, Numbers, X/Y/Z
Edit: Simplified character descriptions
Edit: Pinocchio White Skill


Omg those are awesome!!! There areSo many classic characters you could also use! Here are some more ideas such as; Hercules, Phil, hades, Winnie the Pooh, tigger, piglet, dave the barbarian, chuckles the evil piggy, baymax, wasabi etc, Alice in wonderland, queen of hearts, mad hatter, Cheshire Cat, flik from bugs life, Heimlich bugs life, hopper, Simba, timone and pumba, rafiki, fazoo, steamboat willie, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, dumbo, Robin Hood, mulan, Snow White or seven dwarves, maleficent, dragon maleficent, Captain Hook, will Turner, jungle book Mowgli, Baloo, sheer khan, Tarzan, Turk, stitch, muppets, Kermit, gonzo, fozzy the bear, Pete’s dragon, gargoyles, Pocahontas, John Smith, hunchback of Notre dame, jack skellington, Oogie boogie, lock, shock, and barrel, sally, brother bear, brave-Merida, Moana, Maui, Titans from Hercules, sword in the stone Arthur, Merlin, bolt, the rescuers, mushu from mulan, mufasa lion king, Rex, slinky dog, mr potato head toy story, little mermaid, Ursula, Aladdin, genie, Jafar, abu, lady and the tramp, Oliver and company… i have a ton of ideas but it would be awesome to see some of these characters actually be in the game!!!..


Jafar_New hero idea
Back line mage who can turn enemy’s to snake and deals huge damage to them.
WHITE jafar save power of the God and then release it to a single target and deals huge damage to he or she.
GREEN jafar turns an enemy to a snake for 4 second .enemy is disabled while she/he is snake.
BLUE throws a dark smoke ball to enemy’s and deals group damage over time to them and slow them for 3 second.
Purple: every jafar ability will reduce enemy energy.


Holy cow! Now, THAT’S what I call a megalist. I’ll definitely write up stuff for some more characters on here :heart_eyes:

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HERO: The Mayor - 'A Nightmare Before Christmas’
Front-line/tank hero.

WHITE SKILL: I Can’t Make Decisions By Myself!
Normal Damage. The Mayor panics and rolls on the floor beneath him, dealing X damage over Y seconds to all nearby enemies. During this time, he becomes immune to all incoming healing and damage.

Fantastic Damage. The Mayor takes out his megaphone and shouts at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage with chance to stun.

When the Mayor reaches 25% health, he changes his face from Happy to Sad. Reaching 50% health reverts the change.
*While the Mayor is Happy, he is immune to Normal Damage.
*While the Mayor is Sad, he is immune to Fantastic Damage.

PURPLE SKILL: But, I Run This Town!
Now when the Mayor is Sad, he inspires himself, increasing his Movement Speed & Attack Speed by X for Y seconds.

HERO: Aladdin (w/ Abu) - 'Aladdin’
Ranged mid-line control hero.

Aladdin rubs his lamp and makes a wish to take control of ONE random enemy for the rest of the fight! Chance to fail if enemy is above level X. (Cannot be used again if a hero is already in possession.)

GREEN SKILL: One Jump Ahead
Fantastic Damage. Aladdin throws Abu at the furthest hero inflicting X damage. Abu then jumps onto every enemy, inflicting Y damage, until he reunites with Aladdin.

BLUE SKILL: Street Rat
Fantastic Damage. Aladdin steals a piece of equipment from a random enemy - weakening them for the rest of the fight - and throws it at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage.

Now, upon a successful ‘I Wish…’ possession, Aladdin & his controlled hero gain X health and Y armor.


Amazing idea I love all of them :sunglasses:

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HERO: Mr. Big - 'Zootopia’
Ranged back-line damage hero

Fantastic Damage A hole in the ground opens up beneath an enemy hero with the lowest hp, dropping them in ice cold waters, inflicting X damage.

GREEN SKILL: Taste Cannoli
Mr. Big throws a cannoli at an enemy hero in the frontline, reducing incoming healing by 20% and inflicting X damage.

BLUE SKILL: Polar Bear Backup
Mr. Big snaps his fingers and a polar bear bodyguard dashes through the enemy heroes, dealing X damage and knocking them back. The closer the enemy is to Mr. Big, the further they are knocked back.

PURPLE SKILL: For Gram-mama
When Mr. Big is taken out, he activates his Ice 'em skill one more time, even if he has no energy with an X amount of bonus damage.



Randy front line damage dealer who can use his skills very fast and kills weak enemy’s.
Randy from monster Inc
White skill: change his color and runs through the enemy’s team and deals 200 damage to them.then stay in enemy’s back line and use his skill on them then he gets back and deals damage again.
Green skill: smash his tail on the ground and deals 129 damage to nearby enemy.
Blue skill: make a clone of himself the clone will explode in enemy team and deals 200 damage to them.
Purple skill: after per basic attack he use his second skill .and gives second skill 30 damage.


Ariel back line control hero who can support allies and also boost her attacks.
Ariel makes a shield that protect one ally from 1390 damage and when the. Shield gone the shield will transfer to a water pool like skill 3.
Green :
Ariel calls the oyster after 1 second the oyster will come from the ground and stun-and damage enemys it touchs .after that the oyster will make a dangerous water pool that deals damage over time to enemy’s last 10 second.
make a water pool under the Enemys or allies feet increase allies attack speed by 100% and reduce enemy’s speed by 25%.last x second.
whEnever1527290158292 Ariel is on her swimming pool (skill 1 2 3) she will gets 100 basedamage1527290158292


Your are very very creative caster .I love your concept heroes but your heroes are too you must Make skills not so overpower .

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For example your Pinocchio is two overpower for example if an enemy have a purple hero and you have WHITE Pinocchio will kill him with his skill.


I’m not creative like you but I make a New Pinocchio
WHITE dance of a Loire puppet
explode fantastic damage .Pinocchio turn it to a puppet then he jumps in the back line enemies and damage them.then he get back.
GREEN:fabela come on
Explode normal damage Pinocchio calls his grass hopper(don’t know the name) to run across the battlefield and deals damage x to enemies.
BLUE:liar liar
Explode fantastic damage Pinocchio say a lie then his nose get long and damage the furthest enemy and deals x damage to him.
Purple geppeto gift
When Pinocchio HP reaches 0 he makes a shield for himself that last for 3 second and he is immune to any damage .also he gets 20% life steal (heal when damage an enemy based on damage he did).also he can gets x explode damage when he have shield.he can use this skill once per battle.


Thanks! I’m definitely open to new concepts, so if there are others you think of different skills for feel free to repost a new one :grinning:

For my Pinoc’s: The % of Monstro removing a player from battle is meant to be REALLY low. (I just realized I have it set to X, i’ll change that now!!)

So with Pinocchio lucky pe always win

This have got one mistake in the purple if we level up purple nothing will change so make a better purple skill.

Hero: Nemo & Dory - ’Finding Nemo’
A mid-ranged support hero who uses the help of there pelican friend Nigel to help others however they can.

White Skill: MINE!
Fantastic Damage. Nemo and Dory get chased by a bunch of seagulls which also fly right into the enemies dealing X damage for every seagull they get hit by.

Green Skill: Whale Call
Dory creates a loud call that causes enemy’s to be scared by it allowing all fantastic damage to have crit damage to enemies under level X.

Blue Skill: Fish Breath
Normal Damage. Nigel, the pelican, breathes out a fishey smell at the enemies that deals X damage for over 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: Lucky Fin
Nemo raises his lucky fin allowing one allie to be healed by X HP or allowing one allie to have extra strength and defense.

  1. Merida
  2. Hiro and Baymax
  3. Joy

I love the idea of having both Dory and Nemo as 1 hero, well done! :slight_smile:


I agree with @Fire_Fly, this is a pretty great idea for Nemo and Dory. Very true to their character too!

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