Favourite team

Wich is your favourite team?
Mine is, Mike, Zurg, Sulley&Boo, Merida and Bogo.


Favorite team eh? Me, Gaston, Mal, Queen Elsa and herc


Mine is Goofy, Calhoun, Jack Jack, Yax and Vanellope

Mine is Baymax, Moana, Ursula, Mickey, and Alice

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Woody, Mike Wazowski, Genie, Duke Caboom and Goofy

Mine is, Sulley, Nick, Judy, Merida, and Elsa. It actually my most powerful team right now.

Mine is DarkWing Mickey Goofy Zurg and Sulley

Signature lineup/team would be Baymax, Darkwing, Elsa, Maleficent and Zurg. The majority of my team are fantastic-damage dealers.

Merida, Calhoun, Elsa, Olaf & Judy/Shank

Why is this in hero wish list? =)
Eh I’ll answer anyway lol
Duke, Jack-Jack, Jack Skellington, Merida and Hades.
Watch em all burn

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