Feature request: Allow us to sort our roster by red skill level

Every day, I raid about 100 heroes worth of elite campaigns. Currently, I’m up to about 60 maxed out red skills, but going through the entire roster every day is exhausting. And I know I’m not the only one that does this.

If we were to be able to sort by red skill level, it would let us skip the ones that are maxed and get straight to the ones that are close and being worked on. It would be a great QoL improvement.


I would like to add to that.

Allow use to sort by Megabit Level and “Release”.


I like the idea.

As a suggestion to OP if your hero is available in gold crates, and you have the gold, the "buy 10,000“ gold crates is a great way to gather hero chips to use for red skills. You’ll still need to the skill chips from elsewhere though.


Red skill chips are the bigger issue for me. I have several heroes with enough chips to max the red skill, but city watch only gives me like 2 -3 levels per day. Plus if I run out of keys, I can’t even farm the skill chips.

I’ve got a ton of red skill crates, but they’re tedious to open.

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