[Feedback Polls]: Players’s opinions and thoughts on the Friendship Refresh

Your complaint is that you can’t unlock a disk because it’s for a new toon and the two toons involved are orange and purple. If your going to use angle then you need to bring her to level anyway.
I’m stuck on Ian Merlin disk and have been since they released Ian. Since I have decided to use Ian I brought him to level and updated Merlin a bit. I have not done anything to baloo. Before the update I could not get past the first fight (against mulan) until I unlocked his Goliath disk (which also was extremely difficult after the first level). If I had done the Goliath campaign after the update I could’ve saved resources to unlock it and then beat mulan to and unlocked the Merlin disk. I’m now stuck on the 2nd level level but after the update I have been able to load the disk and use it. It looks like With a little more disk power I may be able to beat Maximus to move on. If I can’t beat him I now have two options work Merlin more or wait for a level cap increase to get Ian stronger. In the interim as the disk is unlocked I have earned 35 disks and continue to add to that number everyday.
I am also stuck on the sadness eeyore campaign but have it a chapter 7. In this case my total power is greater than the enemy team minus a weak eeyore. The fact that kristoff is taking out well built tigger, mulan, and also sadness means is a problem with the friend campaign though. But again the disk is unlocked and I’m earning disks with missions so I can sit tight until the next cap increase.


Angel yes, Miguel no.
So spending resources on a second character I am not using is just wasteful.

Also, I’ve noticed that healer battles are harder then the normal kind, because all the attack damage is coming from one member of the team.

I am currently trying (failing) to get past three of these, Kim&Joy, Joy&Sadness, Angel&Miguel.
In all of these, Kim, Sadness and Angel have to do all the fighting because their Friend can only heal, not fight beside them.

The thing is, unless I want to spend months upgrading each character, it costs something like 15$ minimum per character in terms of purchased stamina>badges.
Sometimes 30$ when it comes to red level badges.
Pay2win apparently.


Technically meant to post earlier, but yeah got busy ;^^. Anyway, hope you all are having a good day :-).

@Tilarta @The_Dude_LXXVI
Polaris has confirmed that there should be patch notes tomorrow and they be the 2.4 patch notes, so probably mean that we will get to see what the power up system for the Friendship campaigns is going to be like :-). Should be interesting to see.

But yeah, in terms of the improvements to the friendship systems so far I would say that in functionality and purpose the new friendship mission system overall works pretty well, and as far as I see it works like intended in terms of being the free source of memories and disk power.
As for if they give enough memories and disk power is another thing, as well as if the code for how long it takes for lower leveled players to get things is another thing as well, but overall works fine.

As for the refresh in terms of the Friendship campaigns I think is a bit more mixed as of now, since you get to unlock all the friendships you have both characters for, however that doesn’t actually mean you can access their Friendship campaign at all. It could be 2 White characters maybe, so that’s the thing I think as the unlock kind of tease you more than help you kind of.
What it helps with though is to be able to get more Disk Power if you are low leveled.

The question of whether or not try and level up and rank a character you don’t really use, yet need them for a friend campaign I think depends on if you are either willing to spend the resources and as such have less resources overall or spend to get extra resources.
Both are options, but neither of them is necessarily optimal depending on your view point, either spending more time grinding or spending real money.

So yeah as it stands the Friendship Campaign situation is weird as yes we have unlocked them, but we can’t necessarily do anything with them, so I think that’s the issue many like Tilarta is feeling on. I imagine many players feels the same to a degree, especially F2Pers however they are used to not having many characters and resources anyway so they probably adapt.

Anyway, as the Friendship power-up system might be revealed tomorrow I think we should wait until then to go in depth in terms of the friend campaign situation.
What will be the most interesting will be how neutral or P2W the Friendship power-up system will be, but hopefully leaning towards neutral-ish at least as in that it is based on how many friendship campaigns you have completed and not directly buying power-up power.
So yeah, should be interesting to see and hopefully the power-up system for the friendships will be good :-).


I am uncertain if Disc Power makes the difference, at least significantly.

I pushed Kim’s disc as high as I am permitted and it only made the battles 5% easier.

To clarify how I play, I put my resources into characters depending on priority, the top 5 get the most, then it scales down a list depending on personal favoritism and usefulness.
So I won’t be wanting to spend on someone not on that list just because it’ll be of extremely temporary benefit, no more then 5 friendship battles at most.

I hope tomorrow’s update does indeed provide some improvements to the system, both in terms of making it playable and making want to play it again.
I am currently ignoring Friendship battles because it is non-productive to play a game mode when the only result is losing.

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One of my biggest gripes about the friendship refresh came true: I’m no longer able to get memories for friendship without spending hero chips, which is both a blessing and a curse. For example, I was working my Elastigirl (JJ) disc prior to the refresh, because I could run a mission for 2 memories without using chips for Jack Jack (both are 5* and I prefer not to spend chips on anything but unlocking the red skill until they’re 6*).
However, after the refresh, I can now work on Louie (Pe), which previously wasn’t possible because we could not get the badge bit required for E-G missions on S21, since we hadn’t unlocked that part of the campaign yet. So some wins, some losses. I won’t be able to work on my Pleakley (Ju) disc for quite a while, unless I want sacrifice Jumba chips now and pay diamonds (or money) for them later. It would have been a shorter wait to unlock the campaign chapters, if Tron’s availability is anything to go by.

I’m pretty annoyed by the loss of friend campaign content. I skip three episodes per chapter, and between that and the skipped chapters, the story has been obliterated. I don’t necessarily play the game for that content (I’m more invested in the main campaign, tbh) but I enjoy the friendship content and find it incredibly amusing. I play another game (7 deadly sins: grand cross) that handles the story archival in an interesting way, if PB needs examples of how to make it work.

My last issue with the new version is when selecting missions - I used to do them based on friendship level, and now that there are no levels, I’d like to select them by star progress. I HATE having to select the heroes blindly and I only used to use the friend selector on a limited basis, to start with heroes who had no disc equipped (it was a lot of scrolling, but worth it from a completionist perspective).

Overall I think it’s an improvement, but they did sort of throw the baby out with the bath water.


Out of curiosity, do you choose which episode to skip? I know it’s a vip benefit, just want to know how that works. If you could, pls upload some pictures. Thank youuuuuu

It just automatically completes the first 1 or 2 fights for each episode.

For me, the first fight then is always #3 due to the VIP bonus (16 in my case)

Here’s what I get for a new pair I haven’t otherwise touched

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The new Friendship power up system and improvements has now been revealed:

First of all, would say I am actually surprised that they actually decided to have it be time based earning for the Friendship campaign power-ups, but doesn’t seem too bad I think.

Overall I would say the Friendship power-up seem F2P friendly enough even if of course it will take time to earn the power-ups they are at the very least fairly accessible, so most overall depends on patience and if you want things fast or not. While we don’t see the base value, still 181.63% bonus and its already at 21-ish hours will likely suggest that these may take a really looking time. Maybe they in the future reduce the time due to feedback.
And it seems like we can only do 5 power-up missions at once, which is a bit low, but I suppose the same as memory missions. Would be nice if we could do 7-10 power-up missions, but maybe they can add more of them later.

The consumable items for the Friendship power-ups will likely make it a bit P2W, although unless the person really want the friendship(s) maxed fast I don’t they will be super necessary to pay for if you take things in your own pace.
They will be available through events and while not sure if that means just contests and/or special crates like the Friendship crates, or like appearing in the 3 diamond offer options. Should be interesting to see.

Small improvements are always nice, the reduction from 41 to 21 in terms of when you can start leveling up the disk level and spend disk power :-).

So yeah, seem pretty okey in my view, both F2Pers have a reliable chance of acquiring the Friendship power-up even if taking a fair amount of time and P2Wers/spenders can likely acquire them faster if they want them fast.


He has not mentioned this, but if you look closely at the picture you will see that only 5 of those missions are allowed. However, since you can’t have more per campaign running, I don’t see needing a ton of those…

Over 1 day per power-up… that’s terrible if you ask me

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Oh yeah, see it now and thanks for the heads-up TheEvilCalsuu :-).
Will edit my post.

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Oh, true pretty slow in that sense yeah, good point.
Still, at least it is available to F2Pers, and we will likely get some from progress rewards in contests and maybe friendship crates, so we can get in otherwise, but yeah you are right that it is a bit slow pace.

We all are going to need a lot of patience I gues. But on the flip side: waiting for a hero to be upgraded enough to take on the campaign probably takes longer. (And then i didn’t mention the waisted rescources yet)

Edited the post and should be updated and include the things you two pointed out TheEvilCasluu and The_Death_Note :-).

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But the sad note is is that they haven’t mentioned anything about having to put back the stories, where although from 2.4 does sound nice, but I was hoping that they change their mind, and have some way to put back the stories.
Before the updates, I was in the middle of some that I was doing, and that happened, they are all gone😞

Hi all, sorry for being so late to replying back, but it has been a lot going on for me lately and needed to save energy. But yeah, I hope you all have been doing well :-).

I assume spending disk power will help some, but how much depends on what it gives of boosts and how much most likely.

I think that is kind of how I do it or at least did it, since it might be that I can overall save resources in the long run by equipping all the badges characters on characters I don’t use, since now that we can more easily get Badge Booster crates we can to a degree control what badges we get buy equipping the badges for characters we don’t use.
At least that’s something I am testing out after hearing the tips. Keep in mind that the badges are auto set when acquired what badges they give, however server/client updates reset them I think. This means that I after the next update can get the badges I need for the characters I use more likely, though not the newest badges which is fine enough as cutting 1 rank lower badges still helps.
While not friendship related technically, I hope this tips helps :-).

Soon update time now most likely, so it will be interesting how the friendship boosts works and hopefully they can help some in the long run.

While we should still be able to get memories from the memory market and the special memory crate when they are up, however it isn’t really possible to get memories now based purely on time yeah.

Oh wow, I didn’t know that PerBlue didn’t adjust badge bit requirements for missions in the older servers, but yeah should definitely have done that technically. At least now you all now can actually do the missions which is good :-).
Best of luck in terms of the disk you are working on ^^.

Definitely, miss the Friendship mission story content, overall my want to really play and engage is affected, which is really unoptimal as I am a guild leder and kind of been the community manager in server 5 as in like really helping out in the global chat.
While I per say don’t necessarily need the same story content to come back even if that would be nice, I would really like to have more story daily that I could come back to and look forward to.

I am not sure what you mean in terms of mission issue, but I only really use a few characters really good so I basically go by color if not rank for missions.

The Friendship refresh has been a improvement in terms of functionality in my view, but at big costs as well as some rushed parts.

Yunno@ Can’t really help you, but hopefully you get your answer later :-).

@Crusty_Sock If you have VIP 13 or higher you automatically skip the first chapter yeah, and while you technically should have the dialog on the friendship wall you unfortunately miss the action/transition text.

@Captain_Light I don’t know how likely it is that PerBlue bring the old story missions back even if not making new story missions just having the old ones would be nice. I don’t know if my polls can change anything, but does show that a fair amount would be interested in getting back the old mission story content.
Same and yeah, hopefully we get back the old mission story content eventually, but for now the improvements 2.4 gives should help some in terms of managing to beat Friend Campaigns.


I think I have replied to everyone now, and yeah thanks for taking part on the post and telling PerBlue what you think :-).

I will try to get up the summary post for post 4 later today and if possible send the results and such to PerBlue as well later today. Need a little break first after this, but yeah it is good to be back ^^.


I’m not sure we’re this goes so excuse me.
Per Blue. Thank you for the power ups in the friend campaign. Thank you for still limiting the missions to 15/20 (VIP based). This way we now need to spend one full day to earn one power up instead of approximately 500 Disk Power over the same period. Why not add a couple more missions or treat power ups separately?

I think I maybe sense some sarcasm there, but yeah the Friendship Power-Up feature implantation. I am a VIP 0 and while not sure if it is a VIP thing or not or a change PerBlue did, but I am actually only able to do 4 power-up missions at a time rather than 5 like in the picture in the patch notes.

The time cost for Friendship power-ups I think is a bit much if it is over 1 day for 2 high leveled characters, even if over 2 days for really low leveled characters is a lot they are at least characters you likely aren’t going to use.

And I agree, it would be nice if you could do both power up missions and memory/disk power missions, but we will see on if PerBlue decide to add that or not. Can hope.


I upgraded Kim’s disc as much as I was able to, it only provided like 5% extra advantage.
Not enough to get through that problematic stage.

There’s also this mission:

which has continually been roadblocking me, I used Kim’s and Jasmine’s discs in combination, it was still not enough to get past it.

So I’d say that the discs by themselves don’t give enough of an advantage, at least not given the power level of the enemies I am facing now.

I see, probably not enough yeah if just 5% stronger.
Understandable, but hopefully the boosts can help you.

I don’t think that’s the mission image, or do you actually mean that you are stuck at an Elite stage?

I would be happy to try and give advice, but yeah how much a Disk helps depends on how good effects it gives. Some disks are better than others which can’t necessarily be helped.
Also so you know, Kim Possible is indirectly an old character as the stats wasn’t increased to match 2020 stats and are more so 2019 stats.

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