Ferb Fletcher/Rudy Double Concept

Ferb Fletcher/Rudy Double Concept



Description: Silent but Deadly, Ferb dances and creates new ways for him and his allies to rid the enemies from the city.

“You do realize that that’s French for “pencil neck”?”

Trial Team: Blue

Position: Back

Role: Control

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Ferb will walk onto the battlefield with a wrench in hand.

Basic Attack: Ferb will hit an opponent with a wrench dealing X damage.

Victory: Ferb will do the splits and play on his electric guitar

Defeat: Ferb will squint and look confused.


White Skill: Cool-ing Factor (Ferb will put on sunglasses healing him 10009 HP and blocking all attack towards him for 5 seconds.)

Green Skill: Jet Whack (Ferb will put on a Jetpack and fly towards all opponents dealing 9600 fantastic damage to each of them.)

Blue Skill: Moonwalk (Ferb will Moonwalk, blocking all opponents attacks and silencing a random opponent for 9 seconds.)

Purple Skill: Silent and Deadly (Jet Whack now deals 13600 fantastic damage to each opponent.)

Red Skill: Gonna Do It All (Whenever Ferb falls below 10% of his Max HP he will be invincible for 8 seconds and all of his skills will be x2 faster.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+90398 Max HP

+X basic damage.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Ferb Fletcher and Phineas Flynn

“What We’re Going To Do Today”

Phineas & Ferb are unsure of what to do today and ask people in the city for ideas.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+X Fantastic Damage

+10903 Max HP

Ferb Fletcher and Ron Stoppable

“Side Heroes”

Phineas and Kim go missing leaving it up to Ferb and Ron to save the day from corrupt villains.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+120000 Max HP

+X Basic Damage



Description: Old but Bold, This rebel makes sure to use his wiseness to his advantage.

“Beware the groove!”

Stars: :star2:

Trial Team: Yellow

Position: Front

Role: Control

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Rudy walks in steadily with cane in hand.

Basic Attack: Rudy will whack an opponent with his cane dealing X damage.

Victory: Rudy will put his hands up in victory.

Defeat: Rudy will hold his back in pain.


White Skill: Rudy Rumble (Rudy will punch the closest opponents arm dealing X damage and grating all allies 200 energy.)

Green Skill: Seen My Teeth (Rudy will take out his dentures and throw them at a random opponent dealing X damage.)

Blue Skill: Wise Words (Rudy will incite an opponents’ attack and block it, countering it with a cane whack dealing X damage.)

Purple Skill: Achey Shoulder (When Rudy falls below 20% of his Max HP, he will twist his shoulder granting him X HP and 230 energy.

Rudy can do this only once every wave.)

Red Skill: Dusty Daredevil (Wise Words will also work for allies (The allies can’t counter though, all they can do is avoid an attack.)

Additional Stat Boosts:

+130000 Max HP

+430 Basic Damage.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Rudy and Pacha

“Save Me”

Rudy is surrounded by creeps and hollers for help.

Allies: Woody, Sulley & Boo, and Hercules

Stat Boosts:

+1000 Basic Damage

+X Max HP

Rudy and Carl

“None The Wiser”

Rudy and Carl go to a “+50 Age Quiz” unaware of what the reward will be.

Allies: Yzma, Mickey Mouse, and Maui

Additional Stat Boosts:

Blue Skill Incites Faster

+15000 Max HP

I don’t see how Rudy is a control, he seems like a Tank. And Ferb can’t be backline if he hits enemies with his wrench, he could throw them

I guess your right about Ferb, but I’m not changing Rudy for now.

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