FG Story | Chapter 2: Sunken City

Episode 9: Premonition has been moved here to clear up space on the first topic, and help give this one some extra meat to it. Plus, it makes an even 10 episodes per chapter. Mmm, sweet, sweet even numbers. :yum:

Episode 10: Last Breath is what’s new. It turned out lengthier than expected, so my apologies for not finishing sooner.

I’d also like to take a second to address the large influx of stories that appeared after Chapter 1. Firstly, I’m flattered that it’s inspired so many to write their own stories. :grin:
Second, I’m aware that the number of stories with the same setting and similar plots makes reading them repetitive and tiring. I do my best to keep this in mind, and I feel the upcoming episodes will help separate this story from the crowd again. Cheers!


Hershey better be okay or else we will riot! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
image https://media.giphy.com/media/5BI679ybkAhJm/giphy.gif

More important than Hershey, I better get my poor staff back!

Putting wires in it. Hmph. :expressionless:

And is Kayla alright? O.o

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I’m pretty sure it was my original story thread that was not quite based of FG. Although some other stories may have bin idk.

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Forgot to point this out. :grimacing:

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In another topic:

OK, me and Stitch have made grand progress planning things out. It’s time the story picked up again. You may notice slight changes in older episodes, that’s just me tidying up little errors and things that would later cause plot holes.

The next episode is currently in progress. I’m aiming to add it ASAP, you can expect it to be soon.


Yay!!! I can’t wait!

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Well…if you can’t wait, then that sucks…cuz you have to wait, but I am excited too! :grin:


Well it will be super hard to wait!


Aye, that it will.


I rewrote the flashback episodes in Chapter 1 to bring them up to speed with the backstory updates. They may be worth checking out while you wait, especially because I’m planning on adding another one later. :slight_smile:

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“Flashback III” has been added, with some important plot details to make up for the long wait. :smile:


Ooh, so a dart, as in a cure?? O.o

Or is it more of a vaccine? :thinking:

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It’s an acronym. :wink:

Oh, that…hmm :thinking:






Well, it wasn’t supposed to be posted. But someone plagiarized it. Many people liked it. And I guess we made a public version because people liked it so much?

and FG mean forum guardians.


I was asking a question

And she was answering it. :slight_smile:


I meant my question was hidden

Yeah, not ure why. But do you understand now?

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