Filemon The Cat

Filemon The Cat

(white cat on picture)
Stars at beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Red

Alignment: Good

Quote: ‘‘If we go to all places on Earth, where we will go tomorrow if we don’t have rocket?’’

Entrance: Filemon follows butterfly and then he notices the enemies, butterfly fly away.
Victory: Butterfly return to him and Filemon try to catch him, jumping, and then falls on four paws.
Defeat: Scared Filemon runs away from the battlefield.

Basic attack: Filemon scratch the closest opponent to him.

White skill: Kitty cheer
Filemon meows, inspiring the whole team. Filemon and his allies’ attack speed increase by 100% and their tenacity increase by 30 for 10 seconds.

Tenacity buff fails on allies higher than level X.

Green skill: The cats’ matters
Filemon meows, summoning his closest friend, Bonifacy (the black cat from the picture above), which will now be fighting with him. Bonifacy deals damage to 2nd the frontmost enemy. Bonifacy’s stats are equal to 50% of Filemon’s stats.

Using this skill while Bonifacy is still on fight will heal him by 25% of his max HP.
Using this skill when Bonifacy KO’ed before will summon him again, with 3 second invincible buff.

Blue skill: Mad kitty
Filemon jumps on enemies heads and scratching his opponents’ faces, Filemon jumps three times to different enemies, Filemon each time does X damage when he scratch enemy.

Purple skill: Cat’s nine lives
The first time Filemon reaches 0 HP he revives himself. A short time later, he comes back to life with 60% of max core HP.
Revived Filemon gains extra X Basic Damage, 20% movement speed, and 30% attack speed for the remainder of the wave.
Filemon is invincible for 5 seconds after reviving.

Invincibility have a chance to fail above level X.

Red skill: Very curious kitty
[Kitty cheer] also heals allies by 30% of their max. HP
[Mad Kitty] also remove all buffs from enemies which Filemon hit

Buff remove have chance to fail against enemies higher than X level.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +X HP to Filemon and Bonifacy
  • +X armor
  • +X BD



Maleficent - Witch’s cat

  • +X BD
  • +X HP
  • Summoned Bonifacy from ‘‘The cats’ matters’’ have 10% (+10% for each disk star) more core stats
  • Each 5th attack of Filemon and Bonifacy now stun an enemy for 2 (+0.5s for each disk star) seconds

Mickey - The play of cat and mouse

  • +X BD to Filemon and allies
  • +X armor and reality
  • Filemon after reviving gain 20% more HP (+20% per each disk star) from skill ‘‘Cat’s nine lifes’’.
  • Filemon attack speed increase by 10% (+10% per each disk star).

Where is he from?

Dziwny świat kota Filemona

It was Polish cartoon, premiered in 1972.

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