First 2-3 Days of Invasion is SO difficult

This week’s Yellow Invasion was SO difficult, that I couldn’t get past the 1st Breaker level!! Even a decent amount of Power-ups didn’t help. I tried my strongest Yellow Hero, my Red 7 Winifred, alongside my ever strong Ariel, Zeus and Bolt…didn’t help either.

Remember when the first few days were really EASY? Apparently, no one does! :anger:

And your Team Level is?


Perblue needs to fix this on players level and heroes level they have

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Team Lvl 296, just a few steps away 'til 300.
If I sound really frustrated there, then I apologize.

Yeah, they need to make (ex.) Breaker 1, 2, 3, etc., really easy, AS IN, and then increase the difficulty, as it goes along…not the other way around.

I mean… enemies correspond to your team level so… and 300 corresponds to Y13 if not mistaken.
So you battle Y13 enemies with like… a Yellow and few Red+something heroes.

And even Y0 allies compared to Y13 enemies have at least 10x less HP :joy:


so weird… for me it was very easy all the way to lvl 280 maybe your heroes are very low level…

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Maybe I’m too low. I think this week’s the WORST Invasion I have ever played!!! :angry:

So unfair.

Which is SO DANG unfair. :angry:
Tried Gothel, tried Quasi, tried Miguel, tried Philip…NOTHING!!! Even with increased Power-ups…NOTHING!!! I’m FRIGGIN’ stuck at Breaker 1!!!

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What enemies are there?


Right now, I FINALLY got past Breaker 1, but…
there was Goliath, Sarah Sanderson, Sally, JAKE LONG, just to name a few. The main Breaker fight itself has Kronk and Fairy Godmother.

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