Fix Elsa and Moana please!

Can you please fix the size of Elsa during the month of the premiere of Frozen 2 please? She is so weird and thin! And you can add Anna if you want! :wink:

Also the size of Moana is very big compare to the other heroes!
Thank you very much!

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Why though their perfectly fine

Can’t agree, some characters, such as Moana and Violet, really should be smaller. Not sure about Elsa.

Some characters need resizing !
I think Mickey is too big compared to the other heroes!
Jafar’s portrait is too small. really small…
I hope Patch note says about resizing

Mickey is fine, others are just too small. :wink:

Elsa, Jasmine… eh, I wrote this in December 2018, no changes has been made to today.

At least for me, I like patch note about old hero refresh, resizing, new costume than patch note about new character…


Im so sad because many people left our server. I don’t leave this game because I love disney characters
So I believe Perblue will make this game alive again.
I believe Changes are coming soon :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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