Fix Invasion

Invasion is completely corrupted by bots. I have seen too many people go from nothing to 400 or 500 million in a matter of minutes. It used to be just in Challenger, but I’m seeing it in Platinum too now.


Unfortunately this is due to The Mayor and Quasimodo having no limit on their Shatter skills

In my opinion this was done intentionally to provide all players the tier rewards weekly in Invasion - you need three heroes moderately levelled in order to kill any level bot
The rank rewards for guilds and players are laughably small, and makes no significant difference in the limited resource, so I personally don’t even waste time trying to get ranks - tiers are enough to get from 5 minutes of play during the week.

now if we can only get a heist quick fight that would remove another 20 minutes of gameplay a day


It’s good as it is.
There were some complaints that getting invasion stuff was too hard.
Now if only the rewards overall were better…


Well they wont increase the rewards if there is no p2w aspect
So what we have is pretty much what we are going to get

IIRC, they lowered the number of points needed to reach the reward tiers at about the same time as they started introducing heroes that made it possible to keep beating bots for infinity. :man_shrugging:

It’s obviously not going to happen, but what I’d like to see introduced in Invasion to bring back some of the collaborative/challenge aspect of it is a second type of bot (Lightning R.O.B., anyone?) that’s strong enough to require multiple people attacking it; the better players do in attacking it, the more of certain resources they can get. (Stamina seems an obvious choice, but badge bazaar tokens, challenge tokens, or other uncommon resources could be considered.) Basically what the invasion bots used to be, but with rewards that aren’t available only from invasion, so it’s beneficial but not required to work on the new bot.

That could be something cool - having a bot that requires x number of different people to defeat - so you can’t just blindly hit bot after bot like we have at the moment

Could be a nice way to introduce new guild perks cough cough

Also something similar to Mega Virus, but that actually need strategy and teamwork
each player can only do 20% damage to the bot and only freeze skills do damage for 24 hours
and then it rotates to only silence

Shatter and pierce can still come into play, but you would need a bit more strategy than just running the same 3 heroes over and over and over again


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Can you explain? What is meant by “progress” as stated.

In my opinion Invasion has become tedious (it’s just a two/three finger dance while doing other things). There is no challenge. The line ups to wipe out the big bots were figured out long ago. It’s just a race to high scores and the rewards don’t seem to warrant the effort. The breaker battles can be used to zip through new hero mastery collections but I’ve read some players don’t even have to use them if all they want is the tier rewards (just wait for that big guild bot long enough and your done in a couple taps).

Again, it’s my opinion, and that opinion may change. The game should be challenging, just not impossible. Invasion feels like a giveaway to me. If we’re in guilds it seems as though it should be collaborative. Maybe change the big bot’s variables once a month so new lines need to be discovered

By progress, I mean right now the top ranked invasion players are based on rankings. Changing that to give the top prizes to the same way the tiers work. The prizes should be based on scores and not on your position/rank.

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