Flora fauna and merryweather

Flora , fauna and merryweather
Role : support
Team : yellow
Quote : we can and we must

Entrance :

Victory : tenor%20(1)
Defeat : 04ec262607d27a01c17beee48d28ab0f

White skills :
Passive : Each time flora , fauna and merryweater buff an ally , they get stack of magic beams.
Up to 7 stacks .

Active : f&f&m use their wand to release beam of light , the beam starts to bouncing randomly between heroes , if it hit an ally , the beam heal an ally by X and if it hit an enemy , enemy will get x damage .
Each stack of magic beams , increases damage and health by y.

Green skills :
fauna makes cake (like this gif ) and she put it on random place , allies That are near will get 20 energy And X health every second .
The cake last for 7 seconds .
Blue skill :
merryweather bring a broom and cleans a area between allies . Allies on that area Will be cleaned form debuffs and their attack speed will increase by 200% for 5 seconds .

Purple skill :
F&f&m are now immune to debuffs.
all damage role allies get X skill power.
All tank role allies get Y maximum hp.
All support and control Role Allies get Z armor and Z REALITY.

madam min "old magical ladies "
:heavy_check_mark:White skill add and remove energy
:heavy_check_mark:White skill now can removes energy from enemies and give allies energy .
Each stack can add or remove 6 .
:heavy_check_mark:+ X skill power

Huey duey and Louie -
"triple trouble "
:heavy_check_mark:+ 15% improved healing
:heavy_check_mark:+ X skill Power .

If you could tell the pro and cons

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