Force point system need to be update


Hi, you really need to change the “force point system”… Or at least explain it better… It kinda unreal that your team get beaten when you’re 10 000 points over you’re opponent… 20k once… what does it mean if you can’t relly on that data? If their is other stats you need to check it would be great to show them too on the characters selection screen… Thx! Otherwise it’s a good game! :slight_smile:

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Force Point System? Not completely sure what you mean, but based on the rest of the description, it sounds like you are talking about individual hero power level and then more specifically the combined total power level of the 5 heroes that you’re using in any particular fight.

If this is what you are talking about, hero power level is simply meant as a way to quickly get an idea of how strong a hero is. However, this doesn’t mean that you just want to use your five most powerful heroes in any given fight. You need to ensure that you have a solid team composition so that you have a well rounded team. It is not uncommon for the team with less power to win a fight as how the individual heroes on your team compliment and synergize with each other is far more important than the total team power.

Offense in this game is all about counter pick. What I mean by that is that you need to learn how every hero functions so that you can then select heroes for your offensive team that prey on the weaknesses of heroes in the defending player’s lineup.

Edit: To see the advanced stats for each hero, go to an individual hero’s info screen, make sure you are on the Stats tab, then press the i circle right beside the words Detailed Stats at the bottom of the screen. To understand what each of these advanced stats means, you can press the i button by hero’s Name close to the top of the screen (right above where it says Core Stats).


This is exactly right. Overall power is an indicator of how effective a particular hero can be, but not necessarily how effective they will be against an enemy.

Think of it like this, if higher power guaranteed a win there would be no strategy at all in the arena or coliseum (or any other game modes essentially) and unless you were one of the 5 most powerful players in your particular arena etc then it would not be possible for you to ever get promoted.

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If you need a few examples…
Don’t bring Baymax, violet, or (most) other shields when going against a Rex.
Don’t bring Miguel, Mickey, Genie, Sulley or similar when they have Maleficent or Tia Dalma.
Dont bring many heroes that deal Fantastic damage against Sulley or Similar.
Dont bring Zurg, Miguel, or many other low health heroes against Darkwing, Jessie, Gaston, Aladdin, or Mr. Incredible.
Don’t bring Mr. Incredible, Hades, or Merida against a Maui, Jack-Jack, or Queen of Hearts.
For that matter, don’t bring Tia Dalma when they have Kevin Flynn or Miguel as the furthest hero.

Once you get comfortable with that, then you can use Advanced stats to see and compare enemy Armor, Reality, Armor Negation, Reality Negation, Tenacity, HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power and equip heroes with skills and discs which are best suited to deal with that hero.
Example: Sully has no armor, but fantastic healing, so consider bringing Jack Sparrow or other heroes who dish out tons of Basic damage. And don’t bring heroes whose main focus is to reduce the enemy’s Armor. Sully has tons of healing, so bring a Curse effect. Out of your options, Maleficent is the best, as her stuns will also stop Sully from healing.

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Thanks everyone it getting clear now… @Mufasa_S1 yes it was that :slight_smile: I play the game in french so my translation may differ from the real game… Sorry for that !

In other word each hero reacts different on the same opponent. Is there a guide for all those information ?