Forgotten, DHBM story (Till further notice.)

Hello! I have been working on this story for around 3 months, and have been struggling to make the finale post. I am not going to post the story for a while because I am still writing it and a new story just got released. This is a longer story, but has decent plot points and is PG for all ages. Because I am not going to post it yet I will give a little bit of story.



The door opened, a burst of air came with it. A unknown sound whistled in the distance. very low amounts of life were seen. No plants, no animals no living people. It was dark and stormy. Rain slowly fell to the ground making a faint sound of water hitting the glass. It was not the sight you want to see.

A person ran out of a near building panicked, it was a girl with blonde hair and a blue dress getting soaked in the rain that felt like waterfalls falling to the ground. The girl was soon followed by a man with a bat, she quickly ran into another building to hide from it. The man slowly followed slapping his bat at walls to intimate her. She nearly broke until she saw a little hole in the ground. She ran to it and found a cookie. She was confused get curious, she saw another basket full of them on a book case. She grabbed them and ran out of the building. The man saw her escape and tried to follow but could not seem to catch her.

Once she finally made it away from the man she had time to breath. She took deep breaths and small breaths. Once she finally caught her breath she sighed. She went to look in the basket with more cookies and found some frosting that said “Eat me!” She was curious and broke off a little piece and put it in her mouth. She felt weird and quite sick, in a blink of a eye she grew 17 feet tall, she broke the roof above her giving away her position. She was amazed but scared.

Run of your life!

The creep saw her in the building, and slowly walked toward it. She was panicked and looked for something she could eat to make her normal again. But the city had no plants, it seemed to be pointless she tried to break out of the building but was unsuccessful. She saw the creep come into the building and she continued to try to wiggle out. The creep got to her a started hitting her. Soon after he started he looked out of the building and then ran to the other side. A “Thing” came into the building, the girl did not know what is was, “It is not human, but what is it?” She whispered to herself. “Hello” the “Thing” said. “Hello?” The girl replied.

“Are you okay? What is your name?” The “Thing” asked. “I am fine thanks to you, my name is Alice. Do you know where we are?”

Yes, I do know."

“Can you tell me?” Alice asked.

“Come with me.” It replied with.
“I cannot move.” She told it.

“Oh, right.” The “Thing” gave her a bottle that said “Drink me”

“Here, drink this.”

Without hesitation she took a sip of it and she shrank to normal size. " Thank you very much!" She said.

Alice followed it to another building but was intruded by 2 people. The “Thing” walked in front of Alice blocking them from harming her. “Who are you?” It asked.

“We come in peace” one man said

The other one went closer and said, “Howdy, I am woody and this is buzz. We just came from a building and there was a guy with a bat. We managed to escape but it was close.”

" We are glad to see more people. " Alice said

“No, we don’t need anyone else.” It said.

“If any of us want to get out of here we will need more people.” She replied

It quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her to a side of a building and whispered, “We do NOT need anyone else, to escape we can only bring two people!”

" Well I am not willingly going to let everyone else stay if they do not want to." Alice quickly pulled her hand out of it’s grip. And walked back to where buzz and woody were.

And so it begins.

Alice was confused, she was ready for the look of betrayal. But instead she got a huge smile. Creppy, she asked if it was okay.

Never been better" After that Alice knew for sure something was going on. It was mad for him to do such a thing. “Or was he just being polite?” She asked herself. Before Alice ran to woody and buzz she asked, “What is your name sir?”

" My name is, the…"

it quickly ran towards woody with a knife looking item. With a clean strike, nothing happened. Until Woody slowly turned darker, “Woody, are you okay?” Buzz asked. Woody jumped at buzz but he dodged. Him and Alice ran as fast as possible. After it seemed to be hours they finally got to a building where it looked safe. To their surprise the were not alone. A small group of characters were sitting down eating some snacks. It looked like the were hiding from someone. “Is everything okay?” Alice asked. “Yes, we are glad to see you, what is your name?” A mouse asked. “How curious. My name is Alice.” “My name is buzz” they said. “I am Mickey mouse, he is Donald, and that is goody. We are trying to find a way to get home and cure people from this.” Mickey said.

Chapter 1


Alice and buzz walked Into the room, hiding from what could find them. Alice started shaking as a low voice started calling her name. “Who is that?” Alice whispered.

"That is woody! buzz answered.*

“Buzz did woody look any different?” Mickey asked

“He did, how did you know?”

“Many of are friend have been turned into different things, not normal. Some of are friends have turned against us. We had to run but we couldn’t save them. We don’t know if we will be able to save them.” Mickey replied.

Side story

Wait, how?

Coming soon!


Movie: Alice in wonderland.
Team: TBA
Virus: No.
Items: None.

Movie: Toy story.
Team: TBA
Virus: No.
Items: none.

Movie: Toy story.
Team: TBA
Virus: Yes.
Items: none.

Franchise: Mickey and friends.
Team: TBA
Virus: No.
Items: none.

Franchise: Mickey and friends.
Team: TBA
Virus: No
Items: Snacks.

Franchise: Mickey and friends.
Team: TBA
Virus: No
Items: none.

I am still waiting before I post the rest so Disney_Doge can make their story. I do not want to steal the spotlight. In the meantime go read it Link to the story!

This will come out soon enough. But just need to wait.


Thanks for the mention!
You can continue with the story, either way it may take a while for me to finish chapter 2!
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