Forky Character concept @ELEKTROSOUL


Entrance: Falls out of a trash bin into position (trash bin stays behind him)
Basic Attack: Takes pieces of trash out of the bin and throws them at enemies dealing X damage
Victory: Hugs his trash bin
Defeat: Goes back into his trash bin
Trial team: Blue
Role: Damage
Stars: 1
Quote: “So I’m Bonnie’s trash?!”
Bio: Forky is a little innocent fork who uses the power of trash to fight bad guys.

White Skill-(Trash Lover)[Fantastic Damage]- passive: When Forky is damaged he applies stacks of trash to the enemy who attacked him (Limit of 3 stacks)
Active: Forky absorbs all stacks of trash and goes behind his trash bin and pushes it over, dealing X damaged to enemies and stunning them for 6 seconds.

Green Skill-(Playful Hug)- Forky hugs the closest enemy, charming them for 8 seconds.

Blue Skill- (Falling Flat)[Normal Damage]- Forky falls face first, dodging a melee attack, then gets up and playfully slaps the enemy dealing X damage. (If enemy is taller than Forky, he’ll jump.)

Purple Skill- (Made for Chili)- When Forky reaches X% of his health, he absorbs all stacks of trash and heals himself for Y

Red Skill- (A Forks trash)-Forky takes X% less damage from enemies “White Skill”, when an enemy uses their White Skill, Forky applies 3 stacks of trash on them.

Friendships: Forky/Woody- “The Wild Wild Trash”, Forky wants to learn how to be a cowboy, so Woody offers to teach him; Allies: Buzz, Jessie, Slinky. (When Forky uses his white skill, his crit is increased by X%)

Forky/Mushu- “How to feed your dragon”, Forky wants to get a pet, but Mushu says he needs to learn the responsibilities first; Allies: Woody, Mulan, Goliath. (Forky’s white skill does X% more damage to the back-most enemies)

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Needs some improvements but pretty good for a first concept :+1:


I didn’t do pics, but what else needs work?


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Well… red skills have 3 stat buffs, and the disks seem a bit incomplete.

But really you’ll improve by doing more, this isn’t bad for a first

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I’m not too worried bout it, as long as the stuff makes sense

What do you mean?

Yeah it does make sense. And I’ve seen a decent amount of concepts that don’t in the past

Fair enough

How do I edit my main paragraph? Or do I have to repost the whole thing?

Disks have two (or more, but at least two effects).

At least one that is increased with disk levels, and at least one that is increased with disk stars

No, you can edit it. The pencil icon under the post

Oh okay that’s cool

Oh okay thanks

It didn’t put my image

take this part away>

Got it done

Can I have some skill names

White skill could be named trash lover

Green skill could be named playful hug

Blue skill could be named falling flat

Purple skill could be named. Made for. Chili

Red skill name could be named a fork’s trash

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What does this mean?

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