Fortify The Network (FTN) tips and strategies

Reposting my tips for FTN contest from other thread

I haven’t spend a penny in this game for a year and still can finish all the progress rewards on FTN every 3 weeks. here’s some of my tips:

How i get 1M points during FTN as free-to-play players:

  • spend between 15k-20k diamonds during the FTN
    • use 500 diamonds on daily stamina and use Stamina Cost Reset repeatedly
    • use diamonds on Mega Mart (use Shop Refresh items if you have some; see below for the list of items you should buy on Mega Mart)
  • spend 50k-100k stamina (1000-2000 Stamina Packs) during the FTN (preferably you have double badges drop activated for this)
  • use that massive amount of stamina to promote the Prize Wall hero to Yellow for the 5k diamonds reward
  • learn how the points are calculated so that you can predict how many more stamina/diamonds you need to spend

How I gain 15k diamonds in 3 weeks:

  • power up my top 15 heroes and get into Challenger III/IV in Arena and Coliseum consistently, as well as gain higher daily ranking
  • finish the Prize Wall Hero Quest for the 5000 diamonds (i usually promote the Prize Wall hero to Yellow during the FTN)
  • spend 100 diamonds for daily stamina ONLY during the Prize Wall (and sometimes during double drop events)
  • never spend more than 240 diamonds for Invasion Supply Crates every Invasion
  • never spend diamonds on Hero Chips
  • never spend diamonds on Diamond Crates
  • never spend diamonds on Memory Market
  • never spend diamonds on Invasion Shop
  • never spend diamonds on Black Market
  • never spend diamonds on Event Exclusive Crates
  • never spend diamonds on Red Skill Crates
  • never spend diamonds on Badges, Badges Bits, Memories, Red Skills
  • in the Mega Mart, only spend diamonds on Stamina Pack, Stamina Cost Reset, Port Reset, Trial Reset, Elite Chances Reset

How do i gain and save thousands of Stamina Packs:

  • NEVER use Stamina Packs other than during FTN (you can spend some during double drops, but it is more beneficial to spend most of your Stamina Packs together with Double Drop items during FTN)
  • buy Stamina Packs EVERY chance you have in the Mega Mart
  • always chose Stamina Packs over other items on War rewards
  • chose Stamina Packs over other items on Weekly Quest (unless they offer you Double Drop Normal and Elite items)
  • gain Stamina Packs from Prize wall
  • [gain Stamina Packs from Prize Wall Hero Quest rewards] → not applicable anymore

i know this may not be applicable for all players or other server (i’m playing on server 14), but these are the steps that help me to finish all progress rewards on FTN for the past 2 years

feel free to comment or ask me anything


these two are not generally necessary to spend on - Stamina Packs suck quite a bit

spending on these is tragic

do spend diamonds on those if you are below Team Level 130

usually if it´s not an SP (diamond) mod, it´s not worth spending


I think most contests I do well

But I must say I usually have been waiting for another contest with Aurora, also I have never spent money on the game yet.

So I am basically only doing this contest progress rewards for the red skill chip crates.

OK, my curiosity is piqued: why?

I recently spend on Elite Chances Reset for the “15 red skill chips drop on Elite” event. Pretty useful for me so far but hasn’t been proven a worthy buy in the long haul

now to think of it, other Mods isn’t that useful anymore… When Mods are still new, there’s an opinion that are not enough mods for the heroes, so it was suggested to grab as many as you can every week (1 from weekly progress and 1 from invasion supply crate). But now, damage and hp mods isn’t that useful anymore for Yellow ranks.

thanks for your feedback!

If I explain it further, you can just ping Loutre and it will be corrected…

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Everyone at PerBlue is working overtime to figure it out before other players do now lol

They’ll just gate it behind some “Premium” feature once they do.

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