Forum Bias's

Some of theses “new” people aren’t really new they just don’t post. My other account that was put on hold i used and browsed the forums for years I never really posted. The discipline is also biased based on status. I wasn’t the only one to take things in the wrong direction but I was the only one punished because I wasn’t a “regular”

Thats true. Many regulars aren’t flagged even though they were off topic or spammy, but sometimes, I see these new dudes that were flagged for no absolute reason. That just makes them… sad and angry, and they’d probably leave the forums or something. I’d like if this forum had more of a welcoming aura…


The first post of a person is announced. Every other post is not. I’d like to think people aren’t flagging the first post for no reason. :thinking:


The original post wasn’t marked as a 1st post he just used a account that wasn’t very active, people didn’t recognize the name so flagged it. Its not just about a new users 1st post, a ton of people use the forums but don’t post often.

Could yoy by any chance @ the person so I know who we are talking about?


Like in-game to many flag based on poster not the content, they flag/block for smallest things these days.

Often any form of disagreement towards another poster will result in instant flag by said person you disagree with just because you didn’t agree.

To many people who get offended way to easy for no good reason.

And with the bias of pb mods towards some players means they let honest, non voilating post stay flagged or even delete them.

Seen it happen.

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