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To start things off with, of course people will have bias’s but I’m talking about as a forum in all.

Today I made a post on my brothers forum account on Grim_Grinning_Ghost’s elimination game. The post was on the account @Mr_Active ironically he is never active. Made a spam post, then went to this account and made a post similar. The first post was flagged immediately, the second wasn’t flagged for 2 hours. The two posts were nearly the exact same, but my account wasn’t flagged in the same time nowhere near.

Let’s say that was a new person and what they said was on topic. Then I say something on topic, who would be listened to first? The forums is not friendly towards new members. We have bias’s because of ranks, time and all of that kind of things. If we want new, friendly members we need to be more friendly towards them. Give them a warm welcome, listen to them!


:pray: i myself have run a few tests with the same results

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I have not found myself unwelcomed in the forums, but i have seen fights where new members were involved.

I do think it is difficult. What should we actually do if we see a post that is not as contributing as we might want. Pm then? Flag? React in the topic? In what way?


I thought that if an alt and an active account both posted close to each other in the same topic that they would be automatically flagged?

Never mind, I read it wrong.

I think, you are missing that you both replies were off topic. So of course they were flagged. As to people listening more to what Regulars say as opposed to basic and members, that us not true in all cases. The issue is that there are a lot of newer members who are trolls, spammers, or whatever else there is. It is only natural that if a new account is made, and if the new count spams or breaks forum rules, of course it woulf be flagged.


Lots of posts get flagged when they shouldn’t be, I bet I have the record for restored posts. There is a clan that gets worked up if a post doesn’t suit them but thats not how public forums work

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Thats not exactly true, because I am quite new to the forums. I was welcomed, so are many others. It’s not really true that new members are spammers or trolls, it just happens that they “spam” because they don’t know what they are doing. I say that people should be nice to these new members, just as you guys were nice to me.

I never said ALL new members, I said, a lot. I am glad you are not in that category though.


I actually have to agree, a lot of flagging is user-based and not content-based.

I’ve seen lots of things marked as spam/off-topic when they are related to the thread. A lot of the time, people seem to be misunderstanding the “flag as spam” button to read “flag as spammer”, because people get labelled and thus get targeted.

Try to be nice to the people you think are ‘spammers’! There is often a reason they act out.


Ok, got it. A lot of people’s purpose in the forum is not to spam though, people are just confused in what they are doing. That’s why there’s a lot of necroposting, and their posts get flagged. They don’t mean to troll or spam, they just don’t know what the rules are. But yes, some people’s purpose is to spam, and those posts are the ones to be flagged.

I think someone provided a nice post on this, you don’t have to be on time to topics. If you miss something and it interests you and you want to continue the conversation its ok. The forum recommends topics the necropost thing has been taken out of control

Close enough for me. I agree.

What is interesting though, is that the ToS do not condone necro posting. I never would flag a first tine forumer on necro posting, but the same formers who have been told not to? Yes, I would flag those.


Two hours isn’t that long. :man_shrugging:

Worth taking into consideration is that you’re fairly well-known, and not for making bad posts. Regulars (the only ones who can instantly hide flagged posts, and usually who actually care about flagging) will be familiar and hesitate, since they may not be sure if what you said is really spam or if they missed something somewhere.

However, I fully agree that there are a number of users who have been unreasonably obsessed with flags, spam, and users they deem as spammers. :no_mouth:


I agree. Not all the posts of so-called spammers are spam. And not all regulars don’t spam. A spammer can post spam comments and on-topic comments. A regular can post spam comments and on-topic comments. The flag button isn’t to be abused to target a “spammer”. It’s to flag actual spam. Also let’s remember that many flagged comments gives Polaris more comments to have to review and more work. So people should try to flag actually needed to be flagged comments.


I agree. We need to be mindful as active members of the forums before assuming people are spammers and flagging new members. I think we need to give them a warm welcome, not flag at first, and let them know how things kind of work here. I think that is something that everyone can easily do.


Flagging posts has gotten completely out of hand on this forum and there does seem to be a great deal of bias. Regulars aren’t held to the same standard. The worst flagging is for being off topic which some people in here have gotten waaaaay to literal and anal over. I agree that some things need to be flagged but some of these members need to relax a little.


The Regulars post more “spam” than noobs. The constant need to jump in and correct everyone is truly meat with no substance.
The flagging is out of control and borders on cliqueish bullying.


Actually, that is because their are a not of newer regulars who don’t hold themselves to the standards of the older ones. The newer ones quite easily abuse the new found power. Older regulars need tonpoint out their errors and help them learn to use their ability correctly.

:thinking: Idk about this one.


I have seen recently that some posts are flagged simply because of the name of the poster and not because of the content of the post. That isn’t what this community is about.

Yes, please flag posts that break the rules, but don’t flag a post just because the poster might be annoying. No one should be getting out the pitchforks and burning torches to target individual players.


Yeah I have to say the constant replying to spammers telling them to stop and the constant flagging is also spam in my opinion.

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