Forum Games Heist simulator

You know that YouTuber Wickedbinge who sometimes make videos regarding certain characters in heist crews roles. Well I am thinking of a Heist simulator where you can put fictional characters to fill in these roles no characters that just has been in video games like Kirby. It can be from upcoming films.

Leader - sometimes called the big guy or leader of the pack This character will lead the Heist. Conditions: Be the boss of something fictional, be very good at leading, and not so selfish he would leave the crew to handle with the cops or other security

Safecracker - The guy to open the vaults and safes to get the valuables. Conditions: Must have nimble handwork, Must be quick and good with sleight of hand

Gun Guy - The sharpshooter, the Trigger finger, or the quickshot of the heist crew. Conditions: Must have a gun or something that requires ammunition it can be a bow and arrow, must have demonstrated good shooting work like bullseyes and stuff.

The Muscle - He be very buff and strong able to get a punch at stuff we can also call him the boxer. Conditions: needs to be very strong and showed with great strength.

The Driver - Ready to make a getaway in style. Conditions: Needs to have a car and been showing driving at least once.

Techman - Need a robot guy or a hacker guy how about both. Conditions: Needs to be good at computers and do the inventing of stuff.

Wildcard - Can be anything even magical. Conditions a character that does not match any other of the conditions and is wild.

Brains - Need a calculations or a subatomic answer here it is. Conditions Needs extreme smarts.

Disguise Master - In case there is already security you might need a Mr. Espionage or a Man of many personas to make sure the crew always gets the loot. Conditions: Needs to be shown with an ability to fool many people with disguises.


Rolling - No heist can go perfectly which is why we will use discobot to roll dice to properly simulate the heist

Security Enemies: Corresponding to the place where the heist happens there I’ll be different enemies with different skills the heist may lose.

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