Forum Loading Problem?

Hello everyone just wanted to say something this happened a few weeks ago but now it’s working but yea a few weeks ago I wasn’t able to get into forums through game it was just endlessly loading so I hope this was fixed Cause it was really annoying :grin: and I have seen other posts on this problem so hope it gets fixed​:grin:

Yes this was fixed shortly after the 1.9 update, I believe.

What a pointless post. It happened a few weeks ago and now you’re making a post about it when it’s already fixed?..

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Sorry I just wanted to make sure that it was fixed

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There were 2 issues recently with the forums. The first was the button in game would get stuck on loading. We fixed that pretty quick. The second was that players were not being automatically logged into the forums from the game. If players had the forum cached in the browser, no problem, but there were a few people who were not able to log in. This has also been fixed. :smiley:

Welcome to the forums!


I was actually one of those few people. But I managed to get myself logged back in by myself using an old device that had the page cashed. And that was before the second issue you mention was fixed. But I’m glad to hear that it has been fixed!

Me too. I finally got into my account into the forums when the issue was fixed.

:smirk: I leave the forums open in my web browser at all times anyway.

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This is a good time to point out that you can associate your forum account with an email address and set a password. That will allow you to log in from any device or a computer.

How do I log into the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Forums without going through the game?

  • Associate an email address with your forum account:
    • **The system will use a temporary address. Change your email address through the forum Settings page. You will receive a link to activate your email at the address you provide - so make sure you can access it!
  • Set your password: use the password reset feature in Settings, which will send a password reset link to your email address

Cant change the email adress requires a login with the password
Cant get the password without changing the email adress

Don’t necropost ok?

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