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I don’t really remember when I started playing. When I left the game it was before Hercules. When I came back it during the Goofy and D&B era.
When I joined the forums, way back. I actually used to be another account, but I gave up on that one and Now I use this one.

I don’t hate these! I love em!

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Hi guys :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:



Would you like to see a

  • Forum members
  • Forum guide

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One of them will be done today.

So, do you know which other members you might be doing @KayIa? Like @PawpsicleSticks or *cough cough
Sorry, I should be covering my mouth


Well cough cough will come soon.

But not right now. I will update is shortly


Sadly I have bin having trouble and accidentally deleted all of the progress I got. And now I need to start all over on the forumers.

Luckily I didn’t delete this post.

I will try my best to get something out this week. Forum guides should be coming to keep everyone Entertained. I also have work that I will need to work on.

Maybe I can update some forumers in this thread. Like thermasterstitch and champion_David etc

I apologize.


Oh I’m so sorry I hope it’s ok for you!

Ay! I’m on the future list! Thanks @KayIa !

Sorry to ask, but I got regular today so can you please add me

That isn’t how it works @Anonymous_me

@KayIa has to know you so that she can make a profile on you. And I don’t think she knows you well.

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What @Filadae_Djaq said is correct.

You only joined in January which is not enough time for m to really know you. And I already have some plans on other people you they are not you.
I do apologize, but congratulations on becoming a regular!


Thank you for congratulations , and I am Ok with it , no problem :+1:

I have no idea who cough cough is…


I think you’re new in the forums and not sure if not many people know you that much.

They don’t know you that much because you’re new here…

You don’t to admire yourself.

WWhen are more people beigbeing added?

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