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Hello, in this topic I’m gonna be going over members of the forum not particularly in any order. Also I don’t know everything about everyone (luckily) but I will try my best to do so. Also feel free to suggest people including yourselves. Well here we go.


Champion_David is a regular who has bin around on the forums for some time now more specifically august 14’ 2018 he is known for his balloons and his star topic “Discobot fun

we also hope for him to stay on the forums as long as possible. He also is the maker of the soul keeper concepts. David also is a big fan of enda mode “hint hint designers” sadly he said goodbye to his guildmates and left the game on the 7th of September. He also left the guild on server 19. Now he is only on the forums, be we are lucky enough to still have him.


Themasterstitch loves stitch, known for his thread “Happy stitch day!” the most popular thread on the forums. Also make the FG story, he also has the most gold badges on the forums. We expect him to download more gifs. Also his name comes from 3 different thing “ther” Winnie the pooh “master” kung fu panda “stitch” unknown. He I also known for his two dogs stitch and hobbes. He is also active on server 8 and 19. On 8 his guild is stitch lovers and he is a champion.


Polaris is a perblue community manager. Mainly known for posting patch notes. Polaris has helped the forums since the start. They also have bin answering support. Although they do not choose what happens in the game, they do give are suggestions to the people through. They are the brain and heart of the forums. Without them the forums would be inexistent. Also they have a amazing
69.1k posts read.


Queenkate was a forum icon on the forums until leaving the forum on “November 11, 2019” she also left her guild and server 16. Her guild “Rosa Rex” does still exist but thanks to Thermasterstitch we found out she left the game. She is well known for her great thread How can I celebrate my avatars, skills & boarders on discourse she also started a new type of thread I spy with my own little eye! she has also posted links to perblues websites.


Discobot is the forum bot that is used for fun. Although its a not that can’t do much it can be fun if used for fun and not challenge. I has a certain amount of things it can do. Like rolling dice, quotes, fortunes, and tutorials.

It has its own thread Discobot fun made by Champion_David.


I am a forumer isn’t all that active, although I am at regular rank. I like almost all forumers. And I have started a type of thread Behind the story, fan made many people have bin making story’s like my original.

I have also created the first forum Christmas contest. I also made a regular lounge that got Polaris to make the official regular lounge.

I also mainly keep to myself so don’t expect to get a conversation.


NCTzen is a forum regular that is not as active as regular.
Although he joined being a negative part of the community, he changed fast.

His username comes from Kpop (NCT) and (Heachan) from his bias in the group.
He is one of the regulars with the most golden badges. And he has a post with 85 likes, witch for the forum is big.
One of his biggest posts is Guide to DHBM story which as of now is the best way to reread the story. NCTzen also has some of the best character concepts on the forums.


Djaq is a player who played for nearly 500 days, he has bin popular on the forum for making character concepts for almost a year. Djaq was also the first forumer to get a gold badge not being a regular. But he is now a regular after waiting for many months.

Although in the beginning Djaq was not always the best with the forums. For a while there was a little spam but not too terribly much. But he did fix this problem.

Djaq has made 72 character concepts (including renewed ones) which is incredible. Djaq has also made a very fun thread called Badge orgins

Champion_David. :sunglasses:
Activity: Somewhat high.
Server: 8 merged 2
Trust level: Regular

Thermasterstitch :alien: :panda_face: :bear:
Aloha cousin
Activity: high
Server: merged 2
Guild: Stitch lovers (Champion)
Trust level: Regular

Polaris :stars:
Forum lord
Activity: High
Server: 1
Guild: Boo (Ruler)
Trust level: Leader

Forum queen
Activity: inactive
Server: 16
Guild: None
Trust level: Member

Forum bot
Activity: Always active.
Server: 0
Guild: none
Trust level: Leader

Activity: medium
Server: 14
Guild: AFK (Ruler)
Trust level: Regular

forum expert
Activity: low
Server: 14-19
Guild: el fili (Veteran)
Trust level: regular

Forum concept maker
Activity: high
:small_red_triangle: :skull:
Server: 1
Guild: Moist cupcakes (Member)
Trust level: regular :new:



• Black_bird_of_prey_widow
• Spiderhog
• CowardWhisper8
• Cookie101
• Muskateer
• Pipsueak.

Typo/bug fixes
• Fixed a typo where Filadae_Djaq’s name only showed up as “Djaq”


This looks like it’ll be an interesting topic. :slightly_smiling_face:


So are you doing the people who hang around the forum a lot?

Oooh so many people deserve to be mentioned: @Queen_Kate, @Black_bird_of_prey_Widow, @Drone_IX, @Silver_Bullet, @TheSpaghettiKing and so much more


Starting off like that, yes. Although this will take some time I need to read lots of DMS and posts.


I nominate you.


That’ll take forever. Especially if you are willing to read the entire forums.


Can I be mentioned I am popular for being annoying :joy:

Well she can go to the person’s activity page. And then for chats, have the chats just display the person’s comments.


Thank you guys for being so supportive! Luckily I am good friends with some forumers already, that will male it a little quicker.



I think I am the most popular non-regular (as in never been a regular)


You wish. :smirk:


Very interesting topic!
I’m excited to see the more files that will be done on forumers here.


Very interesting… Yehp Yehp yehp I’m definitely here

Finished adding champion David.

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This is intriguing, and a charming concept. Nevertheless, formatting would be dandy here, to make the reading easier on the eyes.

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In the words of march hare from alice in wonderland

“Veeeeery interesting”

I hate to sound like this, but

ummm., am I included?
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Who wouldn’t ask that? (I would)

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