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Hi, I understand that we are all people with different points a view and personalities. But we are all humans. The forums lately has bin acting up. And we have bin losing great members. Sometimes people don’t understand what you mean doesn’t mean you have to be angry at them.

And yes. Do stand for your opinion. But don’t yell at Peel who don’t. There was many reasons we lost Kate. She (Falsely) accused Black_widow for 0 reason. And I think that happened not because she was angry at Black_Widow but his points of view. Which is messed up.

Have you heard the saying “Hate the sin love the sinner”? Maybe the forums should be like this. And also we need to be more welcoming. And even more us regulars. We need to be a regular part of the community so we need to be welcoming to everyone. Even if they follow a different religion, have a different race, etc. I’m not saying this happens much though.

And what has happened? Months ago we were so welcoming. Nice, and just overall good people to the forums. Honesty, I’m kinda happy I’m leaving this toxic community. I know that’s a fowl thing to say but its true. I’ve only seen two other people on the forums who really cares for others opinions. @Black_bird_of_prey_Widow and @TherMasterStitch. If it wasn’t for them not sire if I’d ever make this post.

And if we had a amount of flags the forum has had ever… That would be ridiculous amount. I know I’ve bin flagged and have flagged but it happens at least when I make a post I don’t really try to hurt someone. (Although a lot of people don’t)

I don’t care if this post gets flagged. I just care if you guys think about it. Don’t change yourself change your attitude

Also, I think we have bin too hard on perblue. Me as a coder I understand how hard it is to make games and edit them. Its really hard! And we yell at them for the updates to come quicker, new heroes, or slower level caps. And do you guys know why they make huge money deals? This is a mobile game, and its free. They don’t get money by people just playing it. Maybe they do it too much and for too much money, but they need it. They have families to feed, and bills to pay.

There is so much more I could talk about but most people probably won’t really read this. And some of this should be used in real life. Not just on communities. And @Polaris you should read this too.

If you agree or disagree then comment.


I’m with you

Some forum members can really suck the fun out of a creative hero concept

And it has gotta worse overtime


Yes. But not only for character concepts:-\



Some forum members don’t respect others

And it needs to stop!!!

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Fair comment and certainly nothingthat shouldbe flagged in my view. Whilst I don’t know the specific dispute you referred to i do think people can take it far too seriously. Remember, this is a game… its supposed to be fun. Oh… and whats the purpose of a forum… to air view points and give feedback… so take it easy people.


What happened? Exactly the question some of us should think.

I strongly agree with the ridiculous amount of unnecessary flagging. Forumers need to think hard on whether a certain comment should be flagged or not, such as if it’s very off-topic or any things inappropriate. To me, this has been an ongoing problem in the forums and I’m pretty sure a person who is slapped with a negative comment is feeling dangerously uncomfortable behind the keyboard.

Another thing that could help improve the forum community at least would be giving appropriate feedback to those who make concepts.

Creativity is free, so why judge someone’s freedom of choice in an unnecessary way? Same to an artist who draws fan art: you can’t tell them on what they can’t draw.

I’ve seen some good and appropriate feedback for improvement-needed concepts, and that’s good! No one should tell you on what you can’t make as a concept/idea on the forums(as long as it’s not too vulgar). They have their own freedom of choice! Instead, just give proper feedback on what they should improve instead! It’s not that hard to do. It doesn’t have to be long though: you can make your feedback simple and appropriate as always if you’re unable to make a paragraph.

2019. I feel like that’s been a rough year for how we criticized PerBlue for the terrible deals and ridiculously OP characters. It’s a sad thing to see, but I think 2020 can turn over a new leaf and probably make our hopes come true for what Disney Heroes should improve on. PerBlue’s trying their best to listen to us and know what’s right or wrong for this game, and it’s best if we understand them. We can of course, give persuasive feedback to help them improve the game, but not inappropriate feedback. That’s more than an ouch.

I find this reasonable.

Overall, I find the unnecessary flagging and inappropriate feedback as major obstacles for a community that should be portrayed as welcoming. We’ve got some forumers that vanished and we’ve said our unfortunate goodbyes to them. We wanted to bring them back, but we need to prove our community as welcoming and not the “who cares” kind of type. Of course, we have our own opinions and we can agree or disagree as much as we want to, but DHBM forumers need to think before they begin typing because otherwise, it’ll be a strike one on the forums and forum members could be drawn out more.

Hopefully, 2020 is the year where we could eventually learn our lessons for good and have our community resurrect the adjective of welcoming. We of course miss those that disappeared, but who knows? They could come back once this community is improved with a positive gleam. I mean, some may not come back, but only time will tell.

DHBM is meant to be fun, not a criticizing fest.


I see you got the point. My last post of my hero concept was close to being so off topic by someone, I had to do an upgrade version on that.

I don’t know where you’ve been, because this place definitely isn’t toxic. I know there’s been the occasional spat between two or three people, but those are usually hidden away in PM’s and over in less than a day. There haven’t even been many of those. :man_shrugging:

Also, I thought Kate left because of a different fight? You know the one. I’ve never really felt any contempt toward her, it’s sad she left. The deal with her and Widow was a misunderstanding, and was one of the more civil arguments. It blew over quick. :no_mouth:

Also, saying Widow and Stitch are the only ones who respect people is incredibly untrue. David, Pip, and Coward (among others) are all nice people. I also try my best to respect others and not add fuel to any fires.

Flags, flags, flags. I don’t have much to say except that all of them that I’ve seen that stick are justified. If they aren’t, Polaris removes them. It’s not really an issue, it just gets annoying when there are spammers about or the rare cases when one side of a fight decides to weaponize them. :upside_down_face:

One last thing. Doing my best not to offend anyone here, please understand… you have a tendency to see things worse than they really are, which causes you to overreact sometimes. This post is an example of that. The forum is more peaceful than it was a few months ago, there’s only one real troll/spammer around and the PM’s have been relatively quiet.

I understand that you feel we’re going downhill, but most of the people leaving are upset with the game and not us. Maybe I should brainstorm another fun topic, I haven’t made one of them in a while. :thinking:

Anyway, it’s nice to discuss this. I feel that the forum will be ok as long as the game survives. Best of luck reading this hefty pile of words. :sweat_smile:


I definitely agree with this; I didn’t want to respond because I didn’t want to say anything wrongly but I think this was said perfectly.

I think the biggest thing making the forums seem more negative lately is all the posts I keep reading where people wrongfully say “the forums are spiralling downhill fast” and whatnot!

Yes, there are negative posts from time to time, and I don’t condone them but such is to be expected in a public place like this. I think lots of times people respond poorly or take it too much to heart and that’s when people start to believe the wrong things.

All we can do is continue to be positive, and I think that includes more than two people.


Negative/flagged comments are the biggest problem I seen in the forums

@Prince_Aamir concept on water ended up being shut down for 4 hours (now 2 more hours) because of flagged comments


And that is the only major example. It was really only one user being pessimistic, and the flagging system isn’t at fault for that. If it hadn’t been closed, they would’ve kept arguing, if you can even call it that.


God Stitch is the best but I am sad that your leaving but I respect your decision.
May the force be with you.

Not to ignore everything you said in this post, but nobody is mentioning this. @Kayl0 are you leaving??

Yeah she made a big post about it a while ago.

I thought I saw that one and she said she was staying for now??

Edit: Oh…I just checked the post I see…never mind… :disappointed:

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This seriously doesn’t get enough attention. Well said!

I’m gonna miss you Kayl0.


I also agree with this. Currently, all spammers have been at rest and there is one troll on the (public) forums still around. Me. JK it is someone else.

I only know one PM troll but I won’t call names.

The forums aren’t really toxic nowadays. The CCC event seemed to have done the most effect on the forums. I haven’t noticed many spammers after that.

Ironically, Kayl0, it was offensive to say there were only 2 people who cared about others’ feelings. There are way more, including those you’ve listed.

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I know that guy lol

Well, the people in global chat in the game. Guess that was miss said.

? Which one?

Oof. That was a messed up one to say… I mean that I really talk too. And some of them say basically nobody has said this really. But “Its not good to be gay its a sin”

Um, when?

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Was there a reason behind those guys ganging up on TherMaster?

(Just curious)

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