Forum User Names

In this thread you can post the reasons why you chose your username in the forums!

For example mine

I came up with the name “Fliadae Djaq” while trying to sleep. I came up with “Filadae” after remembering a song which went like “fila day fila dee fila something something something” (I forgot the song). The “Djaq” part was just a name I decided to put for a last name. If you try to find “Filadae” on Google, you can be taken to “Felidae”, which is the scientific term for cats. But that was only a mere coincidence


lil pip’s favourite MLP character, and who has been voiced by a pen friend he used to have from playing Pokémon


For my previous “Ambassador_2.0”, that was the work of a random name generator.

For my current one, I’ve always had a fascination with that title, and it also highlights my fondness for one of my favorite Disney villains: Jafar, who holds the title of the Grand Vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah.


“Hero Dante” was a Random Name generated by the game…

“HeroSSWin”, however, is a habit whenever I play games, like ___SSWin, I put in Hero because the game is about Heroes (and Villains)


When I was still a newbie back in '.1, I would hang around in Global without saying anything, just watching and hoping to siphon some good advice out of other people’s conversations. I didn’t have a good username at the time, so I chose “The Eavesdropper” and never took the time to think of a better one. I’m lightly considering changing it now though, since it doesn’t really fit anymore and Eavesdropping is a rude activity.

On a more fun note, I change on the holidays; for example I used “The Eggsdropper” on Easter. :jack_o_lantern:


DroneIX was the only thing dat came in my mind.


I’ve posted about it before and I wrote about it in my profile. But:

First I chose “Master Stitch” since I love Kung Fu Panda and Lilo & Stitch.
Then I saw many people had the same name as me, so I added “The” in front of it.
Then I remembered, Christopher Robin introduced Pooh as “Winnie-ther-Pooh” in the first book, so I decided to change it to “Ther.”

So basically Ther is from Winnie ther Pooh, Master is from Master Po Ping, and Stitch is from, well, Stitch.


I hope this is not too personal

I chose Prince Aamir because my name (Aamir) means Prince and my name was all that I thought of


Well personal but not too personal. It fits!


Maybe now you can be The_Watcher? But that sounds ominous…


Well, Commander and Storm are two of my favorite words. But, the word ‘Commander’ in my name has a symbolic reason: it’s to honor myself as first mate/second-in-command of my guild.

‘Storm’? Well, it’s a word I adore. Bring out the thunder.


Well Kevin can mean kind so I could change my name to KindKevin for a fun alliteration.

But I think I’m gonna keep my name. I’m known for it now.

Spider-Hog a fusion of 2 of my favorite franchises Spider-Man and Sonic the hedgehog also can I know be called Spider-Pig

Are we doing in game or forum?

I’ll do both just in case.

In game is Kayla, because that’s my name.

And @Underthesea is to personal to say for me… Sorry.


Forum. But game names are allowed too!

Wasn’t there a character in “Aladdin” called Prince Aamir?

Prince Ali

Nvm. Name was Prince Achmed

“Hey look at that Abu! It’s not every day you say a horse with two rear ends!”


I’m kinda late to this topic but I almost on every game i play my user name is Supa_Doge but since this is a Disney game I chose Disney_Doge Two of my favorite things Doges (Dogs) and Disney!

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