Forumer of the month - October! :Jack_O_lantern:

That’s okay. I understand that

Next time I suggest having everyone nominate a person for each category and putting them in that specific one. For example, based on my nomination I should have been put in the attitude category.

Also yeah you are missing people.


Hey, welcome to the forums!
If you read up*, you will see that we have a nominating period, where we nominate forumers for their activeness, concept making, etc. Then we vote on it. And the reason you weren’t nominated was because, you weren’t there during the nomination period. But next time we do this, if you prove worthy, then you could also be nominated.

*I don’t really recommend that lol, there was a bit of drama there.


Was that meant for me :joy:?

Yes. Yes it was :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!


Fixed the polls. You have to vote again though.

This could work, but they point of this is to put the member in what they are worst at (excluding concepts, and or if there is only one member left.) Maybe I will do this next time though and see how it works out.


I’m confused. Is this elimination, or are you saying that the people in the helpful category are bad at being helpful, and the people in the importance category are unimportant, etc.?


I would have to agree with this statement here. We should be celebrating what people are good at and each other. THAT is the TRUE point of this thread. Well, at least my interpretation of it.


I guess I put that the wrong way, I apologise,
No, it’s not a elimination, and like I did say

If there was a member that wasn’t good at being helpful, I would put them in helpful, because the have to be good in most things. Since most of the members are important, helpful etc, I just put them in different requirements.

I am not trying to be rude, so I am sorry if I am being rude.

Is it just me or are the 3rd and 5th polls too big?

They are im pretty sure.

It’s not rude, just… sobering.

May I suggest putting people where their strengths are, next time? :slight_smile:


Of course. :slightly_smiling_face:
If you’d like I can change it today?

It may be better to wait until the next poll, so that no one has to vote again.


I do 100% agree on this!! I also think that due to the drama of above, it should be good to give the option to nominate less than 5 people (but keeping a max of 5, 1 per category).

This will affect the sizes of the different polls, but we will still end up with 5 finalists, so it should be do-able.

The format i’m thinking of would be:
I nomimate person X in the category X because…


Well good luck to everyone that are in the polls!


Thx, that is so nice :hugs:


How am I on here?! :flushed: :astonished:

Whoops accidental revive

When will the poll be closed

Sorry for the wait,
Remember pick the member you think has been, the forumer of the month!

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