Forumer of the Year! - 2020 ✨

We still need to put it on a vote, but the poll has to be made as well

But what is the current result of the poll?

There´s no poll.

Maybe we should make a list of people interested and vote upon who should take over?

List of people who would like to host 'Forumer of .... '


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I think I will close the wiki when it has been up for 24 hours (in 3 hours) and then post the poll for choosing a new host

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Poll to choose a new Host for the Forumer of … series

  • Imagineer_V
  • TotallyNotDash
  • Lucas1999

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Vote for who you want to host the event from now on

Poll will close automaticly, and after that the new host can kick of the voting for Forumer of the year 2020

I know the poll hasn’t ended yet, but is it safe to assume that @Imagineer_V won this? :joy:

Maybe? I am not sure… give it some time. I appreciate all the votes though and the nominations cause I have like 7 :rofl:


Thanks for taking this over. And I apologise for not doing it. I have updated the list to make it easier for who ever wins the poll.


I’m glad to see that you’re okay by someone else taking over :slightly_smiling_face:

And really kind of you to update the list!


The poll has closed. Should I make a new topic to vote and announce I will be taking over these things?

Probably a good idea. Idk how many people are looking at this thread anymore.

Didn’t know you were taking over all of them.

But I guess I can start working on the other ideas I have :slight_smile:

I am probably a bit busy to take over them as a whole lol, but I will do this one. Time to channel my inner TV host


Well maybe I can make another post to see if someone wants to take over completely.

After this one course!

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Congrats @Imagineer_V and good to see you’ve already rushed to set up the poll to vote for the Forumer of the Year

The taking over as a whole was the original idea behind it, but we still have around 2 weeks before new nominations shoud be opened. I would like to do it if people would agree on that. What about you @TotallyNotDash ?

I’m fine with taking over, but if you want to take it over, then that’s ok with me :slightly_smiling_face:


New nominations?

For the Forumer of February :smile_cat:

Oh, I didn’t realize there were Forumer of the Month contests as well.

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