Forumer of the Year! - 2020 ✨

Welcome to '2020’s Forumer of the year!
This will highlight every moment of 2020! To nominate a user, post here or DM me for a anonymous nomination! After taking some feedback, I have changed a few things for easier use! But before we get into that, here are the base rules.

In Forumer of the (Year) each member is able to choose 1-5 members to nominate. After all nominations and voting time begins, a member will be able to choose 1 member to be titled ‘Forumer of the Year!’

Here are some different additions!

  • If a member gets voted more then once, I will make a alt to vote them giving them a extra vote towards winning! Nobody else is aloud to make alts though.

Polaris: why should they be the former of the month? “Because its polaris.”
Discobot: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because its discobot.”
Player: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play.”
Player: Why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play.”
Player: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play.”
(Not needed!)

Please play fair, not alts. After the results are shown and their are many new users I will disqualify the users.

Submissions are now open till January 15th 2021!

The_Cocoa_King, Imagineer_V, Disney_Fan_2.0, Filadae_Djaq and Winter-Soul have been nominated publicly!
Filadae_Djaq and Slinky-Dog have been nominated publicly!
Kira, TherMasterStitch, irrer_Minnie and WaitingSadKitty have been nominated publicly!
Pawpsicle, Black_Widow, Giosphere, Happy-Holidash and AbuBakr_Umar have been nominated publicly!
Irrer_Minnie and Pawpsicle have been nominated publicly!
Irrer_Minnie, Imagineer_V and Slinky-Dog have been nominated publicly!
Disney_Fan_2.0, Grim_Grinning_Ghost, Imagineer_V, Winter_Phal and Giosphere have been nominated publicly!
Tragic-New-Year, Imagineer_V, Disney_Fan_2.0 and Giosphere have been nominated
Irrer_Minnie, Imagineer_V, Grim_Grinning_Ghost, Slinky-Dog and LilRubyKinz have been nominated publicly!
TherMasterStitch, Champion_David, Black_Widow, Kimtastic and LilRubyKinz have been nominated publicly!
Tragic-Magic, Kira and Myeong have been nominated publicly!
Imagineer_V, Tragic-Magic, TotallyNotDash and Irrer_Minnie have been nominated publicly!
Black_Widow, Kayia, Champion_David, Pawpsicle and Gjmguy have been nominated!
Champion_David, Kira, Myeong, Kayia and Lilrubykinz have been nominated publicly
Slinky-Dog, Myeong, Kira, Tragic-Magic and Imagineer_V have been nominated publicly!
Imagineer_V, Myeong, Kira, Irrer_Minnie and TotallyNotDash have been nominated publicly.
Pawpsicle has been nominated publicly!

Filadae_Djaq: 1
Imagineer_V: 4
Irrer_Minnie: 4
Slinky-Dog: 3
Black_Widow: 2
TherMasterStitch: 1
Pawpsicle: 2
Kira: 2
Giosphere: 1
Tragic-Magic: 3
Champion_David: 2
Kayia: 1
Myeong: 3
LilRubyKinz: 2


Can you expand on this? :thinking:

Once the poll has been created, they get a extra vote in the poll. Giving more reason to still nominate members!

So basically everyone gets at least two votes? Ex. I vote for A so you make an alt to vote for A as well. Then someone else votes B and you make another alt to vote for B.

Is that right?

It only counts for nominations. But yes.

Oh wow… Forumer of the Year. This is going to be hard.

One question though:

Will nominations work like how I suggested with people being nominated for a category and that is where they will be placed in the first round? I just know that people were frustrated and felt bad with how they worked for the recent forumer of the month.

This time there are no category’s. Everyone is in the same group and is just going for everything! Though next time I will include your suggestion!

I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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Djaq_frost is my nomination

Who do you qualify as a new user? Trust level 0, less than 14 day old account?

Yes, trust level 0 :slight_smile:

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I nominate the following
@The-Pumpkin-King for concept making (they made some of my favorite this year)
@Imagineer_V for helping me out to make my concepts
@Depressed_Fan for hosting my favorite contest this year.
@Filadae_Djaq 2nd place for concept making (don’t tell anyone i said this but you were my inspiration for making concepts in the 1st place)
And finally
@APRIL-SOULS-DAY no reason just a forumer friend.


Djaq @ slinky dog definitely the best

I am just double checking now, but are repeat nominations allowed this time?

I would like to nominate:

@Kira for the incredible good surveys and the care for the friendship stories this year.

@TherMasterStitch for his activity and kindness that will be missed now (activity mostly first half of the year, but I would still count it)

@Irrer-Minnie for the great elinimination games

@Musketeer for being extermly active and sometimes sassy throughout the year


Oh, thanks for the nomination FestiveLucas2020 ^^.
Really appreciate it a lot, and yeah definitely try to keep making interesting surveys and let PerBlue continue to know that there are a lot of people who would like the Friendship Mission story content back :-).

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Thanks so much! :heart_eyes: I feel so appreciated! I love doing the Elimination Games and so I feel so happy when people like them! :slight_smile:

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I propose :


Thank you🙃

@Irrer-Minnie because her elimination game
@Lets_Get_Holly_Jolly_Bro because the DHBM Photo Gallery and because 10000 reply 's
@Pawpsicle because the forums secret santa

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