Freeze Team

So what is looking to be a good freeze team now that Anna is around?
I’m thinking, Anna, Elsa, Mr Big, Kristoff, Jim but im not the best at teambuilding!

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Well There Honey Lemon
She could extend freezes so long they could last the the entire battle if she is upgraded enough

Ian’s around good at damage,blind and Reflect is good to
(As long there’s not a Tron with a maxed flynn Disk that is)

Vinny and Mulan do lots of damage and blind all enemies

And Mary Sanderson does blind,charm and hex with lock shock barrel Disk
And smells children

Hope that helps!

Honey Lemon maximum effective is when freeze and blind is involved by the way

What about Frozone?

Elsa, Frozone, Olaf, Koslov, Kristoff, WALL-E, Felix (Frozone’s Friendship Disc), Genie (Elsa Friendship disc).

Honey Lemon while not a freezer herself can deal additional damage to frozen targets.

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